Paris! Why I never write about it?!

“People don’t take trips . . . trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Oh Paris, Paris! I’m here again.

I visit France quiet a lot. I have a weakness for Normandy. I love Pays Basque and I never say no to Provence. So why I never write about Paris? I must have visited once of twice on all those French trips?

I indeed visit Paris a lot. I often come to spend just a weekend, and that happens many times a year. Ok, maybe not this year exactly. I have been out of Europe for most of 2013. But generally I visit often. 

Do I love Paris? I do!


So why I never write about it? To be frank I do not feel like I’m really capable of doing so. I do not want to patronize you about places ‘must visit’ and activities ‘must do’! Often all the advices sounds soooooo cliché!

Generally I’m a bit fed up with my style of writing and telling people to get lost. Sit and have a coffee in an awfully French cafe to observe people etc. etc. I love those things but it doesn’t mean you must love them or enjoy spending your time this way. 

Place de la Concorde at sunset - Paris, France

There is no better or proper ways to do things. There are only right ways for each traveller. So from now on my posts will be more about my experiences. Things I have done. And many pictures of the places I have visited. If you fancy any of those feel free to add them to your Bucket list. I will be delighted! But if you prefer to go kayaking on Thames, go for it!

Galerie Lila Pepino - Paris, France

Did I fall in love with the city from the first sight? No! Not only I didn’t love it from the first visit. Neither from the second or the third! Paris is a demanding lover! It took me a lot of effort. A lot of sweet words and many many dates to seduce it. To fall for it. To look forward to the next meeting. Not like Oslo or Berlin, which you can’t help, but loving straight away!

And even after all that effort. All those romantic weekends. Many one-night stands and weeks of sweet love. It still, sometimes, plays hard to get and super moody. Like all French men do! 

Getting a dinner is always a challenge, requires planning week in advance, many phone calls and actually knowing French ha ha ha

La Tour d'Argent Restaurant - Paris, France

Not like getting a drink is easier. Those days Paris is all about secret bars and hidden nightlife spots.

I know them all. Thanks to my lovely friends who are Parisians and reveal all those privileged information to me. And maybe slightly thanks to my drive of always willing to try new things :) 

Vivant Restaurant - Paris, France

So on this trip I had millions of coffees in awfully French cafes all around the city. I visited my favorite Centre Pompidou. Had crepes for lunch in Josselin with a friend from the Italian Team. Had dinner in Vivant and La Tour d’Argent restaurants. Eat the best sushi in Paris in the place I know well, but never remember the name. Although I know how to get there. Walk miles while taking pictures and visiting art galleries.

La Tour d’Argent Restaurant

La Tour d’Argent was a true highlight of my trip. When we (my secret lover and I) arrived they seems not to have our reservation, but this issue was quickly resolved and we were escorted to our table. Best table in the restaurant with a great view over the river and Paris.

La Tour d'Argent Restaurant, Paris

What else do you need you would think? I had one idea… bottle of perfectly aged red! Which was served exactly a minute after I start thinking about, it was like they were reading my mind! Oh wait! It was my friend who took care of this. Strangely I was so lost in my thoughts, so mesmerized by the view that I didn’t pay attention.

And let me only tell you the wine list here is legendary. La Tour d’Argent is offering over 15,000 wines to select from, the list is thick and very heavy book which is way to long to comprehend. Luckily my friend is more than an expert when it comes to wine.

La Tour d'Argent Restaurant, Paris

After I finally snapped out of my thoughts, I have enjoyed an amazing dinner and yes their ducks which come from House Burgaud in Challans which are numbered in La Tour d’Argent from 1890 are to die for! Number of my duck was 1127351! Wow!

La Tour d'Argent Restaurant, Paris

And it wasn’t the end! We still had to face delicious crepes ‘Belle Epoque’ and an espresso which I felt I need after all the amazing food and wine I just devour.

La Tour d'Argent Restaurant, Paris

Voilà that’s all! If you have any specific question. Maybe some picture caught your eye or you want to share a though just comment below!

48 thoughts on “Paris! Why I never write about it?!

  1. Tom

    Paris is one of the most amazing cities in France. The food and the culture are simply mind-blowing!

  2. Judy

    I love Paris too! It must be because I’m coming from Asia that it doesn’t take me quite so long to love Paris, since it’s not a weekend spot for me. But you’re right though, I have more endearing love for places like Berlin, or Munich, but Paris demands you pay attention before you can truly love Paris!

  3. To me, Paris is like a theme park version of France. Nevertheless, some attractions definitely live up to the hype, specially the many hidden gems that one can find while wandering aimlessly at night :D
    Raphael Alexander Zoren recently posted…How to ruin a local economy: The Tourist PriceMy Profile

  4. IntrovertlyBubbly

    I visited for the first time last year…Sad to say I was not blown away like I was with the Italian destinations I visited. And that felt wrong like I was supposed to be blown away lol…I long to return none the less and experience it again and probably again because although I was not blow away I totally loved my short time there. I also have my eyes on Normandy.
    IntrovertlyBubbly recently posted…Stick Fighting | Carnival 2014 Trinidad and Tobago GuideMy Profile

    • Oh yes Normandy is an amazing place! I have written about it shortly here on my blog, love the region!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  5. I think I’m the only person I know who has zero interest in Paris… which is ironic because I’m like 25% French. The only aspect of the country that really interests me is the food, and maybe the Alps. It used to be #2 on my daughter’s wish list though!
    Bret recently posted…Are Backpackers Destroying the World? Q&A With Gringo Trails Director Pegi VailMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha. I so agree with you Bret, food and the Alps! I have been already 2 weeks this year to ski in Alps, fantfabulous!:)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  6. I’ve never been to Paris, hell I’ve never even been to Europe but I would love to go! I think what caught my eye most in your photos was the food. It looks so…how do I say…toyfully delicious? haha Can’t wait to make it there myself and visit all the cliche’ sites! ;-)
    Ron recently posted…The World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara, NepalMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha of course Ron, if you have never been you must start from all the cliches! It is a must after all. For someone like me who lives in Europe and have a freedom of popping to any city any time…you start skipping those, I have seen Colosseum once and been in Rome…already lost the count ha ha ha
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  7. Paris is a destination I’ve long wanted to visit. I think when I finally do this summer, I’ll also have a hard time writing about it! Loved all your photos though.
    Beth recently posted…10 Things to See and Do in Kuala LumpurMy Profile

    • Beth I hope you won’t! I hope you will be one of the lucky ones that fall in love with it from the first sight :) Thanks, I actually love them too! Oh how modest of me!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  8. Megan

    I’m still coming around to Paris – have been there 3 times and I’m slowly warming to it!! Great photos :)
    Megan recently posted…The Most Amazing Natural Wonders Of The United StatesMy Profile

  9. Jenna

    Fun photos. Paris is one of my favorite places!
    Jenna recently posted…Snorkeling at Alligator Reef in the Florida KeysMy Profile

  10. Hogga

    that chick really pulls off corn

  11. Nadia

    I find Paris a very romantic destination but cliche at the same time. It is true. You need a lot of time to get to know the city well. I went there for Valentine’s day, it was short and sweet.

    • Ha ha ha Nadia, it is indeed a cliche to go there for Valentines :) Glad you enjoyed though!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #53My Profile

  12. Crazy sexy fun traveler

    You make me want to go back :)

  13. Mada

    Paris is the city which can be described like : the city that you can’t discover through one trip (only visiting magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral you need many hours of gazing). There are so many things to see and do in this city (like starting the day with a delicious croissant, having dinner in the fabled Eiffel Tower, some fashion shopping, because we are girls :”> hahaha )!
    Paris is also a great city for those who love history because this city is full of historical attractions and of the most important masterpieces of the world.

    I just discovered your blog (via truenomads) and I like it. Like you say, keep it based on your experiences, in this way will come all good tips and info.

    • Hello Mada!

      Thank you for your nice words, I totally agree that you need time to fall in love with Paris :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #52My Profile

  14. Alinka

    Great pictures, Marysia! I lived in Paris for 5 months and I don’t have such an impressive collection!
    Alinka recently posted…Ten Ways You’re Offending Italians Without Even KnowingMy Profile

  15. Debby

    Very impressive pictures. Would like to visit someday.

    • I’m glad you like the pictures Debby, Paris full of great spots :)

  16. Laura

    The great thing about a personal blog is you get just that, a personal story. I think most of us love blogs because we get to know a place through an individual’s perspective and experiences. It doesn’t mean that you’re preaching at readers to do things your way, you’re just sharing your ideas and opinions. And this can help readers form their own ideas and opinions. But I do agree, sometimes the hardest places to write about are the places close to home!
    Laura recently posted…Friday Roundup: December 13, 2013My Profile

    • It is so true Laura! And thank you for your nice words, I think I finally got that, that my blog is about my stories not about telling people what they should do :) Thanks for visiting my blog, and do come back ha ha ha
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #48My Profile

  17. Gran Canaria Local

    Well, we’ve never written about it, because, shamefully, we’ve never been there. But we’re now even more determined to get there. Although it’s a hell of a lot further from GC than where we used to live in London Town.

    • Ha ha ha, true, when I have been living in London, it was so easy to go every month with a train :) But after all, after almost a decade of visiting I can say it is worth it :)

      • Gran Canaria Local

        So we can see from your review. We’re looking forward to developing a relationship with Paris. Although it will struggle to top Marseille in our affections, I would imagine.

  18. Haha I totally relate to that feeling. Vid and I love Paris but we didn\’t pen a post on it for the longest time. Then we decided to write about our favourite things, and boy it was therapeutic ;-) Take a look at Offbeat Paris over at Bruised Passports if you’re interested!
    Savi of Bruised Passports recently posted…Balearic Musings – Palma De Mallorca In One DayMy Profile

    • Gonna have a look now, but really it is too cliche, I must admit that I often do not write posts or skip writing post for months when it comes to European destinations… and I do not want to sound too full of myself, but those travels are so normal, so natural for me that I have never been a tourist to those places, when you visit 6 times a year it is just like visiting another city in your country, not that exciting, not that unusual, I guess we Europeans are just too lucky and too spoiled ha ha ha

  19. Adelina

    I love Paris too, but agree, there is already so much out there written about it. I really liked all your photos of signs. Signs in foreign languages are just too cool.

    • Ha ha ha Adelina I’m obsessed with signs, I have so many pictures from around the world of all kind of road, city signs :)

  20. Nice. Agree with much of what you say about the clichés and what you will write about. Great photos and very nicely written, as always Marysia. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks a lot Michael, your nice words are much appreciated!

  21. Tom

    You are right, there’s no point to write about Paris, Eiffel Tower etc… Everybody knows it… There are thousands of articles like this online and it’s really cool that you wrote your story instead. You make me feel like going there finally and check it out ;) I’m a bit biased against Paris to be honest….
    I like your photos, really cool and different, not another selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower ;)
    Tom recently posted…Dun Laoghaire, Dalkey and Killiney – “Subtropical” coast of IrelandMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha Tom, if I dig carefully in my old pictures maybe I found one of me and the tower but I actually doubt! Lol
      I’m glad you liked the article and pictures :)

  22. Mellisa Turner

    Great article, indeed ! Beautiful pictures captured by you. Paris is a lovely destination to explore especially for couples.

    • Mellisa I think it is a bit cliche that it is destination for couples, I have been many times alone and had a great time!

  23. Shaun

    Where did you find a 1/2 naked mannequin, with a corn necklace & a baguette on it’s head? :)
    Shaun recently posted…MIG-29 Flight Part 2 – ManoeuvresMy Profile

    • In my favourite place ever of course! Centre Pompidou! :)

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