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Port Bo, Costa Brava, Spain

This Friday I’m featuring a great shot from Port Bo in Costa Brava, Spain taken by Gillian Denovan from The Little Den Blog.

Gillian is a Scottish expat blogger who’s been living in rural South West France with her family since 2012.

Partial to a glass or two of wine, Gillian runs her gite (a French word for holiday cottage), blogs about their family adventures in France and Europe and spends too much time on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: Port Bo, Costa Brava

This photograph, taken on a balmy October evening in the Costa Brava, brings back many heart-warming memories. The amusing thing is that we weren’t actually supposed to be there!

We were meant to be in Croatia but our flights to Dubrovnik had been cancelled 6 weeks prior for ‘operational reasons’. My weeks of pinning stuff on Pinterest had been wasted!

We didn’t mope around too long though and decided to make the most of the shoulder season with a road trip down to Spain.

After checking out the best things to do in Barcelona we decided we will base ourselves in the pretty medieval town of Tossa de Mar and mixed up culture with beach visits.

We completed the fascinating Dalinian Triangle by visiting the 3 main Dali attractions in the area – Dali’s museum in Figueres, Dali’s house in Portlligat and his wife’s castle in Pubol. Next, we wanted to keep the kids happy and take them for a few trips to the seaside.

We had read about the beautiful beaches spread along the Costa Brava and had our heart set on Calella de Palafrugell.

After driving for an hour, we arrived in a rather built-up town close to Barcelona with many concrete high-rises and lacking the charm of the beautiful coves and bays that we had read about! Thank you Mr GPS, this was not the place we were looking for.

Take 2 and we eventually discovered that Calella de Palafrugell wasn’t the name of an actual place but rather it referred to a bay of coves that encompassed several beaches.

With a little swearing at the GPS, we finally reached our destination. We walked along the beautiful coastal path and eventually stopped at the aptly-named Port Bo or Platja de los Barques Beach – the boat beach.

This was definitely our favourite beach! The sun had started to set and the sky was bathed in soft hues of pink, orange and red. It was breathtaking.

We were mesmerised by Port Bo with its fishing boats scattered on the beach, reminiscent of a bygone era. We decided to stop for a well-earned aperitif whilst the kids played in the rock pools. It was the most beautiful end of our day.

Port Bo – Also known as the “Platja de les Barques”, it is located right in the centre of l’Escala.

It was not considered suitable for swimming until 1962, because the port had not yet been built, and the fishing boats used to be moored here.

This is where the popular Habaneras concerts take place, the Salt Festival or Festa de la Sal and the Greek and Roman Fair of the Mediterranean Triumvirate, among others.

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