Out and about in Portsmouth

It’s okay to admit that the first thought you have when you think of England is London; it is the showpiece capital city of the country after all.

For those that want to experience more than the well-trod tourist track, there are many cities in England that exude their own charm and fascinating history.

I’m sure you were not aware of it, same as you were not aware of Harley Street Hair Clinic being a leader in hair transplant in the UK.

One of these often-overlooked gems is the town of Portsmouth.

The Portsmouth Dockyard

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a captain, with the salty sea air rushing through your hair and a rambunctious crew awaiting your every order, you cannot miss the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

Okay, okay, admittedly the ships are more royal than rambunctious, but you cannot help but be awed by the Mary Rose, Henry VIII’s flagship, and you can actually jump aboard the HMS Victory – the warship that Nelson himself captained at the Battle of Trafalgar.

The Point

If you’re looking for charm, The Point area has oodles of it and oozes out of the narrow cobbled streets with pubs that would please even the saltiest sea dog.

Tonnes of these pubs boast terraces where you can have a pint and watch the navy ships and ferries make their way in and out of the city.

Spinnaker Tower

Resembling a skeletal sail, the Spinnaker Tower is one of the tallest British towers outside of London at an impressive 170m high and has become a part of the Portsmouth personality as much as those pubs that dot the city.

The best part is that the Tower has observation decks, one of which gives you a nerve-racking view through the glass floor, and the other lacks a roof, allowing you to feel like you really are at the top of a sail on your own ship.

Gunwharf Quays

You didn’t think this list would be all history and sites, did you? Wander down to Gunwharf Quays, hit the shops, enjoy the views, and try the numerous eateries, where the seafood is fresh and the pubs are almost entirely gastro pubs offering the kind of heart-warming food that you need after strolling along the shore on a cold day.

Charles Dickens’ Birthplace

You cannot go to Portsmouth and not drop into this delightfully restored and recreated bedroom and parlour of the house where one of Britain’s most celebrated writers was born.

The house has been fully furnished in the Regency style, so you feel like you are really stepping back into Dickens’ childhood.

Portsmouth is a real charmer, why not give it a visit and see what life outside of London has to offer?

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