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TVN BIS Interview – “Show Us the World”

I have spoken about my travels in Muslim countries
from a perspective of a solo travelling woman, in one
of the biggest Polish TV station.

Iran, Azerbaijan, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco,
Egipt, Kazakhstan and more.

Language: Polish  PL


Atena 1 TV – Bloggers in Bucharest

I have been one of five bloggers representing
#enjoyBucharest on Observator Program on one of
the biggest country’s TV stations, speaking about
why you should visit this lovely capital of Romania.

Check out #enjoyBucharest campaign on IG!

Languages: English & Romanian


TVP Polonia – Halo Polonia

I was invited to ‘Halo Polonia’ program to give a
little interview about my blog and travels.

TVP is a public Polish Television with which politics
I highly disagree currently, having said that the
program I took part in is a travel/entertainment show.

Language: Polish PL


Digi24 TV – Danube Delta Report

A quick report about #ExploreDobrogea Project
and why I settled in Romania after travelling
all around the world.

Follow the #exploreDobrogea on IG  for amazing
pictures and videos.

Languages: English and Romanian

Instagram Workshop – 5.Transgraniczne Spotkanie Blogerów Podróżniczych  2017 PL

Instagram Workshop –  IV TRAMPki Spotkania Podróżujących Kobiet  2017 PL

Festiwal Wachlarz

I gave a Ted Talk alike about transforming from
a travel blogger to the travel Instagrammer
on a superb festival in Poland.
Hosted in a beautiful city of Wrocław.

‘From a travel blogger to the Instagrammer’

Language: Polish PL

Faraway Travels of Solo Woman – Radio Krakow, Miedzy Biegunami  PL

From Lapland to Taj Mahal – Medium#Publiczne, HamakLife PL

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“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”Miriam Bean