Roman Hospitality Affair

James Joyce once said: ‘Rome reminds me of a man who lives by exhibiting to travelers his grandmother’s corpse.’ As in Venice it is impossible to forget the canals. In Rome it can be hard to see beyond the crumbling Colosseum. In an attempt to forget granny and indulge in the young and hip. Visitors to the Eternal City can check into some of the finest boutique hotels that Europe has to offer and experience real Roman hospitality.

Here’s a taster of Roman Hospitality:

1. Hotel St George Roma Nestled amongst 17th century chiese, this hotel stands on the 500 year old Via Giulia. It is the work of Bramante, chief architect of St Peter’s Basilica in 1508. Half a millennium later, the building opened as the St George. Offering 64 guest rooms, a rooftop bar, and a Turkish spa. Fit for both boutique and business. The St George also has its own decadent restaurant, fit for wining and dining and indulging adventurous taste-buds. 

2. Suite Sistina Before all else, Suite Sistina strives to provide its guests with intimacy and privacy. For those who know where to look, the door to the Suite can be found on Via Sisitina not far from the Spanish Steps. Once inside your room, with oils and creams for pampering, chocolate and silk for whatever else. An organic breakfast in bed the next morning, there is little reason to go out upon the cobbled streets at all.

3. Leon’s Place With leather hanging from the walls. Plumes of black feathers arraying the chairs. All in a Dalmatian monochrome, a guest at Leon’s Place will be looking over their shoulder for a chic and sauntering Cruella for the duration of their stay. Once a 19th Century palazzo, later a discoteca, Leon’s Place offers a fitness suite, crystal chandeliers, and a sauna.

Leon’s Place is only ten minutes from the bustling Termini train station. With litter strewn on the floor and Latin expletives in every direction, is as much Rome as the Pantheon. Suite Sistina is also close. Only a few subway stops away from on line A. The busses 40, 64, and 70 can take you from the station to St George’s.

If flying into Rome, the Leonard Express runs from Fiumicino airport into the city centre, as do regular shuttle busses. Or, if you want to commence your trip in the elegance that you plan to spend it, you can reserve a chauffeured limousine service here to pick you up from the airport and whisk you into the city.

Whichever means you choose to enjoy Roman hospitality beyond the ruins, there is life to be found in this city yet. 

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