Diving Affair in Bodrum

Scuba diving, Bodrum, Turkey

My affair with diving started back in 2008. Late January and February I have been traveling around Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. With my best friend Miss Famous Tennis Player. We have decided to take a diving course on Koh Tao.

We were more then lucky to pick New Heaven Diving School. We have met great people there. And learned the most important rule of diving. “Stay sexy for the fishes”.

From the very first underwater breath scuba diving continue to inspire. Challenge and surprise me. It was a life-changing experience! One of the most fascinating and peculiar imaginable sensations.

Some say that you approach the freedom of a bird. As you move in three dimensions in a fluid environment. It takes you to the different world full of new colours. Textures. Shapes and creatures. Connects you with nature. Truly transforms your perception forever.

Everyone will find something for themselves in this ‘Jules Verne’s world’. Abundance of diving sites is unimaginable. From historic shipwrecks. Through pristine reefs with most amazing little fishes. To cave or ice diving.

For me the most alluring is mystery of underwater world and sheer enjoyment. Of course scuba diving is very much a black and white world in terms of laws and rules. One must abide by. Once you know them you can fully focus on your experience.

I have came to Bodrum to take my advance open water course. In highly recommended Askin Diving Center. And again I couldn’t choose better. Great professionals with the superb knowledge. Their outstanding fun characters where just a cherry on the cake.

Five days on the boat. Diving, playing backgammon and enjoying the sun is my recipe for perfect vacations.

Bodrum is an amazing diving site. Surrounded by calm and crystal waters. With the rich variety of marine life like groupers, barracudas, octopus, moray-eels and stone-fishes.

Brilliantly coloured soft corals, sponges, plane and ship wrecks, some really cool bubble caves. And the most remarkable underwater richness of the Aegean Sea, thousands of ancient amphoras.

Best Diving Sites in Bodrum

Every dive is memorable and unique. Therefore you can never get bored of it I guess. All my dives in Bodrum were great. But some were just outstanding. And will be remembered till the very last days of my existence.

My first dive with my instructor, Mr. Sea Urchin. 32 minutes around a rock island. And our very last dive with stalwart current which challenged us on the way back to the boat. And introduced to, by now best known Bodrum’s diving story, Sea Urchin Accident.

Pinar 1 Wreck was a great fun. Same as Smuggler’s Bay with one kilo lesson and Bubble Cave.

Yet the most spectacular for me was a C-47 Dakota Plane Wreck dive with Mr. Buddha Eyes and my Ninja Boys from the Big City. They have got me to stop! For those who do not know me. I talk fast, I think fast and I walk fast. It couldn’t be different with diving. But diving is all about Yavas Yavas Philosophy and that’s the biggest challenge for me which I face in this sport.

This supreme tranquility, relaxation and unforgettable calmness of my moves. Learning it was highly rewarding achievement. Bodrum is truly to dive for!

16 thoughts on “Diving Affair in Bodrum

  1. Turkey Love

    Nice post Dear… I like it… Nice Image…

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  3. Jay

    Hello .. I’m writing an article about Askin Diving for my Bodrum website, could I use a couple of quotes from your article in it? I’d credit you as the source of the information and provide a link back to your website in return.

    • Hello Jay, of course you can, please let me know when the article is life. As well if you wish I can connect you with amazing people working for Askin Diving via Facebook or email, depending what is better for you :) Let me know…
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #72My Profile

      • Jay

        Thanks Marysia … I’m already in contact with Askin and his daughter about writing the article. Once complete, I’ll send you the link. Thanks!

  4. Michael

    I never realized you went diving in Bodrum as well. So many people go there but never try it and it is one of the best places in Turkey for scuba diving. Did you go and see the Underwater museum near the castle? Some of the best finds of ancient shipwrecks are in there.

    • Ha ha ha I went to Bodrum especially for diving and indeed I have seen a museum, actually I was diving with Askin Diving. The owner is a man who actually excavated this ancient ship with a whole team of people for 2 years. I have seen an amazing pictures and hear great stories! A legend itself gave me scuba diving classes!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #59My Profile

  5. Leo Anthony

    Great post Marysia!
    I was in Gumusluk, literally just down the road from Bodrum, after a lengthy circumnavigation of Turkey this last summer and I loved it. I never did get to dive but just taking a dip in those magic waters made me want to see more. I once went snorkelling and found it fabulous, but diving is probably exponentially better. Have to do it before I die! Thank you. Your writing conveys your excitement and passion well.
    Leo Anthony recently posted…Algeria: An Account of my Two Week Sojourn in the Company of Sofian Mihoub. Part III: Into the DesertMy Profile

  6. Michelle

    I love scuba diving! I want to get my PADI licence so I can do more. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

    • My Travel Affairs

      I had a great time indeed, and please do the PADI, it is so much fun! Superb!

  7. Chels

    This sounds so fun! I have never actually been scuba diving but your making me want to try! Love the “Stay sexy for the fishes” quote.

    • My Travel Affairs

      This is the best quote ever, kudos to my first diving instructor Nick! Chels You must try, it is beyond everything You have ever experienced!

  8. My Travel Affairs

    Truth, truth and truth, what can I say Silvia, You are very right about Bodrum.

  9. Silvia

    Diving is always…the best ever…being under water is unbelievably amazing and Bodrum is simply great!

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