Segovia y el famoso cochinillo

To break from festive Madrid I have decided to spend a day in lovely Segovia. It is a scenic place with monumental skyline and red-roofed, honey-walled churches and buildings. It is a must-see for everyone interested in history, architecture and religion or simply spending a lazy day in the beautiful surroundings.

Segovia is strategically and spectacularly situated atop a long and narrow promontory. Deeply and loftily Castilian, containing a wealth of monuments scattered around. Reeking with charm, provides a great way to spend long summer evenings enjoying  sidewalk cafes, terraces and restaurants.

Segovia Rocks!

I have spent a great day walking alleys of Old Town studded with Romanesque churches such as Iglesia de San Esteban with highest Byzantine tower in Spain or amazing San Millan from 12th century. There are three sights which one shouldn’t miss while here.

La Catedral stands proud above other buildings in the middle of this good catholic city, defined by style and time as the last Gothic one in the country but with Renaissance aesthetics especially visible in the conception of space and the luminosity.

El Alcazar – Roman fortress serving as a residence to Royal Family from 13th century onwards. Said to be a source of inspiration to Walt Disney ‘White Snow’ and the place where Queen Isabel promised Columbus the financial backing of the expedition on which he accidentally discovered America.

And last but not least, a main reason of which Segovia has been declared World Heritage of UNESCO, the Roman Aqueduct. Largest and best preserved of its kind anywhere. Even more remarkable when You realize that this two-tiered structure of 168 granite arches no mortars to hold the blocks together.

Be sure to talk underneath it to appreciate its true size! I have chosen to admire it from the table in Meson de Candido Restaurant which became famous in Franco dictatorship times, to which I was lured by the tempting aroma of roasted suckling pig. Cochinillo is a speciality of Segovia region, popularised be Candido Lopez Sanz, so tasty and so worthy the trip from Madrid even only for that. Yummy!

2 thoughts on “Segovia y el famoso cochinillo

  1. My Travel Affairs

    UnfortunatelyI didn’t take a picture of the head but I loved my day in Segovia. Lovely town to relax after hectic Madrid :)

  2. I loved Segovia too! We ate at Meson de Candido and had the cochinillo…. we even asked for the head so we could take a photo. LOL

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