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I used to be one of those for whom winter meant drinking a hot chocolate in front of the fireplace or packing and heading off for Asia or South America. I was not a snow enthusiast until a few years ago when my parents made me go on a skiing trip with them. This became our annual tradition and now I love skiing.

This skiing season started pretty late for me as I missed a New Year’s Ski Trip with my Italian Team. Due to some family obligations. What is postponed is not lost. I like to think.

So here we are. The Italian Dolomites. The entire area is simply breathtaking. Spectacular high mountains. Adorable towns with gingerbread houses and a welcoming bar and restaurant. The smell of espresso in the morning. Sunlight all day long. Mulled wine and extremely friendly people.

I love travelling in Italy. It is one of the most sensual countries in the whole world. And even here in the cold north a ‘snowy version of ‘la dolce vita’ is pervasive.

But what truly makes it the number one choice is the wealth and depth of the culture and history right around the corner. We are planning to visit Verona, Padua and Venice after enjoying the snow-tipped peaks.

We are having a lot of fun and I’m sure that after some crazy situations with night skiing and sledges we will be back next year. And I have to admit that my parents are the coolest people in the whole universe. Popping jokes every minute and always up for another Bombardino.

The stories I could tell. But I won’t because the chances of me never seeing them again in my life are very, very slim and not sure they are appropriate for a travel blog LOL

I ski because it is fun. Because it is an amazing adventure in high alpine surroundings. Because I love the sun reflecting in the snow and the whipping wind around my face by the speed. Because it is exhilarating and exciting. Because of an adrenaline rush. Because it is a total freedom.

8 thoughts on “Skiing – Italian Affair

  1. Alberto

    You have been in some of the most famous places in Italy North-East. Also from your photos I can see that you have visited some place as Moena in Fassa Vail; Cavalese in Fiemme Vail. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  2. Chels

    I love skiing! I am so jealous you got to ski in Italy, I have only gone skiing on hills in Canada.. not as cool at all!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Chels I love skiing as well, Im sure You will get sooner then later to Italy, I wouldn’t mind Canada, have heard about some great hell ski there, but Im far away from being that good yet :) Ha ha ha, maybe one day x

  3. Karen

    I love skiing so I can relate. Took my kids and realized how much your skiing style can reflect your persnality. I’ve only skied in the US, would love to try Italy some time!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Karen in US I have only skied in Vermont but love to go to Colorado, hopefully soon. Italy is great, not only because great skiing conditions, but food, culture heritage and lovely mentality of people :)

  4. Melita

    I cant wait for winter, its my fav season of the year! Although I’ve never been on skiing I believe its even more beautiful adventure than the summer vacation. I love that atmosphere in little wooden houses, warm tea and breathtaking view..

    • My Travel Affairs

      Melita I personally love winter as well, especially when I got to ski :) I myself started only few years ago but love it!

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