Friday Lens Affair 114


Tablecloth Phenomenon, Cape Town, South Africa

This week I’m featuring a great photography of famous ‘tablecloth phenomenon’ happening of course in Cape Town.

Lies Veldeman from Non Stop Destination Blog took it shortly after moving to South Africa. Lies is Belgian and is living in the UK at the moment, do follow her adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture Story: Tablecloth Phenomenon

My move to South Africa was sudden. Two months before boarding the plane, I had no clue that I would be living on the other side of the world for a couple of months.

My boyfriend is South African, and even though we had no plans to visit his home country any time soon, he suddenly had to return for a work visa application.

I was very excited, I had never even set foot on the African continent, so I was looking forward to exploring the country with a local.

We gave up our flat in London to save money and rented a house in the centre of Cape Town from where we would be exploring the Western and Eastern Cape.

The first few days, we mainly stayed in Cape Town and tried to settle into our new home for the next two months. We got ourselves a sim card, a car and a gym membership.

Here is a perfect itinerary for spending 5 days in Cape Town.

After our first supermarket shopping, it really hit me that I was so far from London, and I had no permanent address. I loved it!

This photo was taken on a warm afternoon while I was strolling around the Cape Town Waterfront, a very popular tourist area.

Here are 10 things to do in Cape Town that will keep you busy in the city.

There’s plenty to keep you busy here: Shopping centre, restaurants and bars, the aquarium, museums, and stalls where you can book a helicopter flight around the peninsula, or book a boat trip to Robben Island, a former prison island.

While walking Cape Town Waterfront you’re usually treated to great views of Table Mountain, however, on this day, Table Mountain was enveloped by clouds pouring over the mountain from the south-east.

It is called ‘tablecloth phenomenon’.

Watching the tablecloth roll over the side of the mountain is very enthralling, and I would usually watch for a while until my boyfriend would drag me away. I found ‘tablecloth phenomenon’ quite amazing!

This moment was very early on in my South Africa trip, so I still had plenty of adventures to look forward to. Most of them were a surprise, as my boyfriend was planning everything.

In the next two months, I swam with penguins, watched whales breaching, visited a seal colony, took numerous amazing drives through the Western and Eastern Cape.

Touched a cheetah, went on a game drive, saw the most amazing sunset after a difficult hike, rode an ostrich, ate an ostrich burger, stood on the most southern point of Africa, experienced the most nerve wrecking drive through hordes of elephants, visited a big cat sanctuary and paraglided over Cape Town.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in South Africa and I hope to go back as I’ve only seen 2 of the 9 provinces. There’s still plenty left to explore, and I can’t wait to tick every place off my list.

The Tablecloth Phenomenon is a layer of thin and whispy clouds that appear over the mountain like a cloth whilst the rest of the sky is clear.

The local legend is that this smoke is the result of a smoking competition between the devil and an ancient pirate, Van Hunks.

But of course there is a meteorological/logical explanation for this phenomenon.

The clouds are formed by the South Easterly wind pushing air against the mountain where it is forced to rise. When reaching the cooler air higher up moisture forms the cloud.

On meeting the warmer air lower down the moisture evaporates, and the clouds appear to disappear into mid air.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair 114

  1. We spent 3 months in Cape Town earlier this year and loved it. For someone who loves nature it is the perfect spot – did a bunch of hikes up Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. Also paraglided off Lion’s Head. We also rented a car and drove through the Garden Route and Karoo.
    I’m usually always looking forward to the next destination but I remember feeling really sad when we left Cape Town. We’re planning to be back, maybe sometime this year but this time exploring the J’burg area with trips to Victoria Falls and Lesotho.

    Frank (bbqboy)
    Ps. we’ll also be spending some time in Poland this year Marysia. Our first time there.
    Frank recently posted…The 4 places on our “Expat base” shortlistMy Profile

    • I have never been in South Africa but would love to go! So much! Poland sounds great, I hope you chose smartly to come over summer months?
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 181My Profile

  2. Maja

    Beautiful pictures!
    I have very nice memories from cape Town :)

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