Perfect Holiday – The Top 5 Ingredients

As an experienced traveller, I’m often asked for advice on where to go on perfect holiday and what to do once you are there? But whether you’re on a long-term adventure or a short holiday. Travel isn’t all about destinations and sightseeing. Here are my 5 top tips for getting the most out of your time away, from learning how to switch off the world back home on your perfect holiday to immersing yourself in new places…

5 Ingredients OF Perfect Holiday 

Switch Off Your Phone

In today’s digital world, a smartphone is a must-have accessory, especially if you’re travelling around the world. However, the problem with smartphones is that they can be too distracting, after all, how many times have you seen people walking around with their head down, staring at their phone? Only switch it on when you need to, and save yourself time to connect – face-to-face – with the people you meet on your perfect holiday as you should :)

Travel Alone

I know this may sound like a scary prospect, but being a lone traveller can be a lot of fun, and travelling on your own doesn’t mean that you have to be alone! If you’re a stranger in a strange land, then it gives you the incentive and the push to reach out to fellow travellers and make new friends, instantly upgrading your holiday to a really memorable trip.

Eat the Local Cuisine

I highly recommend that travellers indulge in a bit of experimentation with local foods. Get tips on where to eat from fellow travellers and allow yourself to try foods that you might otherwise have never tasted. After all, you can’t do Bangkok without trying the real Pad Thai, or visit Barcelona without sampling some calamari tapas…

Read a Book or Two

Many people take a book on perfect holiday but it’s even better to buy a book or two from the country you’re in and read the work of local authors, poets and other artists to get an insight into that culture. When the time comes to move on, leave the book in your hostel, so that someone else may enjoy it.

Write Letters

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter from a loved one? Was it recently? The chances are that it wasn’t, so instead of emailing your friends and family back home, take the time to write them a letter or a postcard, telling them of all your adventures on perfect holiday to date, your parents and grandparents will appreciate this gesture more than you will know.

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