Top places to visit in Göreme


Göreme is a small town in the historical region of Turkey, Cappadocia. You can find it tucked away in between the beautifully named ‘Fairy Chimney’ rock formations in the Nevşehir Province in Central Anatolia and it has a population of just 2,000 people.

When I arrived at Göreme, I had no clue what was in store for me. All I knew was what I had gleaned from reading travel guides and brochures.

During my time there I met some wonderful people, had wonderful experiences and saw some amazing sights. These are the three places I most recommend you visit.

A Turkish cooking school

There are few better ways to experience a new culture than by trying their cuisine. I love Turkish food so naturally leapt at the chance to take a Turkish Cooking Class.

If you have the chance I would recommend doing this one early in your trip as it really will help you make better food choices for the rest of your stay.

What I loved about my class was that it doesn’t even start in the kitchen. I was picked up at 10 am and driven to a local market where we did our shopping and got to watch some very energetic bartering.

Then, we were driven to the Kelebek Hotel where the cooking began in earnest. During our time in the kitchen, our teacher Mustafa taught us how to make traditional dishes including a soup, a dolma dish, a sarma dish, a dessert and a coffee (Top Tip: Don’t call it a Turkish coffee!).

At lunch, we got to eat the food we had prepared ourselves as well as some stunning side dishes and traditional desserts made by local women.

After answering any questions the staff dropped us off at our hotel at 2 pm with full minds and even fuller bellies!

The Göreme Sun Set Point

I love a good sunset. You can watch a sunset from almost anywhere in the world and it will always be spectacular, but I implore you at least once in your lives to watch it from Göreme’s aptly named Sun Set Point.

It is at Uchisar, the highest point in the region that you will find the rock castle where tourists and locals alike flock to watch the sunsets.

As a bonus, it is also close to where the hot air balloons take off and land so if you get there early you can watch the sky become a kaleidoscope of colour as dozens of balloons come back to earth for the night.

The Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia

As I said, I didn’t know all that much about Göreme prior to my visit, but what I did know was that this whole tiny town was created as a result of volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The result is towering rock formations and deep gullies that make for a very picturesque day out.

There is no better place to witness this beautiful landscape than in its National Park and Rock Sites.

Great swathes of the Göreme valley were eroded over millions of years and sculpted into an array of tiny sanctuaries where people would have once huddled together for protection from the elements.

It is here you will discover amazing examples of Byzantine art in the post-Iconoclastic period that will literally take your breath away, so what are you waiting for? Grab a cheap flight to Turkey and explore Cappadocia.

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4 thoughts on “Top places to visit in Göreme

  1. Anders

    I recommend Göreme for anyone who is looking for great experience in Turkey.

  2. Richard JS

    Turkey is a cool place if you like calmness. I have been there my share of times as a teenager and I used to love the tranquility of its streets.. My father was serving as an army officer there (part of a US special regime) and we spent there weeks long. And I remember him mentioning Goreme to me once or twice. I think we may have even gone here, but I don’t remember now that it’s been 20+ years. It must have been great as your photos show.

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