France one glass of wine at the time

France is fabulous and will always be a fantastic experience and let’s be honest exploring Paris is a big part of it! For some the only one, but after the magical evening in the Louvre Museum, admiring the Eiffel Tower eating your way through Montmartre or checking other Paris tours I urge you to check other regions of this great country, one glass of wine at the time!

France is the leading country when it comes to wine. The combination of the climate, the soil and the expertise that is found in France makes for exquisite wine production. It is not surprising, therefore, that France has some of the best wine routes in the world. The difficulty will be choosing which one you want to do.

The Alsace Wine Route

The Alsace Wine Route is the most famous route in France and has been established over 60 years.

The locals along this route are passionate about winemaking, and many of the best places to stay are with the winemakers themselves.

The itinerary for this route is simple but packed full. Travelling 170km from Marlenheim to Thann, will take you through the entire wine producing region, and allow you to meet any of the approximately 1000 producers that are littered throughout 70 villages.

The wine is not the only offering on along this route. Fortified towns hold a great deal of history and the cuisine in this area of France feels like it has been designed to match perfectly with the wine that is produced.

An Alsace Wine Route vacation means your entire trip will be full of great wine, great food and great company.

Champagne Route

Champagne is arguably the most well-known name when it comes to wine from France, but many people aren’t aware that sparkling wine can’t be called Champagne unless it originates from the Champagne region.

The high profile of this brew means that Champagne tours are just Champagne tours are a superb experience for all wine lovers and not only!

If you want to visit Champagne on a budget, it is possible. There are smaller vineyards who don’t charge the public to visit the grounds and try some of their Champagne.

Paying these smaller establishments a visit will keep your costs down and you will meet the people who have a genuine passion for making some of the best Champagne in the region.

Languedoc Wine Route

The wine route in Languedoc offers some of the best value, quality French wines. This area of France has captured the imagination of the young, and many of the vineyards have been taken over by a new generation of vignerons.

A trip along a wine route in Languedoc will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the French countryside.

You will find a series of wetlands and lakes here, both of which will provide a fantastic backdrop for your journey and with the wine being such a reasonable price, this vacation won’t cost the earth either.

A vacation to France without sampling some of the French wine would be similar to travelling to the Caribbean and not stepping foot on a beach.

Whether you are a connoisseur, are just starting your wine exploration or you are a complete novice, the wine routes in France will definitely be pleasing to your palate.

So what are you waiting, buy your tickets and go! In the meantime kick off your research in the best way possible, by having a glass of wine and reading about these fantastic wine regions.

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