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 Wimberley Memorial Day, Texas, USA

Today I’m hosting a photograph which symbolises the resilience of a community on the  Wimberley Memorial Day Floods taken by Marty and Michelle Snell from the That Texas Couple Blog.

Marty and Michelle are high schools sweethearts who have racked up quite a travel resume while maintaining their full-time public-servant jobs.

Their blog combines Marty’s fabulous photos with Michelle’s informative writing style to encourage their audience to live a life of travel even with a 9-5! Do follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Photo Story: Wimberley Memorial Day

The small town of Wimberley, Texas is a great destination to just get away and relax, but that wasn’t the case on Memorial Day weekend in 2015.

For you see, it was during this weekend that a ‘tidal wave’ from the Blanco River hit the small town, devastating it.

The waterline in Wimberley rose from 9 feet to over 40 feet in the matter of a couple of hours, destroying everything in its path.

This small artsy town suddenly looked like a war zone, and sadly, 13 people lost their lives.

The town that calls itself ‘a little bit of heaven’ had a lot of rebuilding to do after this tragic event.

The community rallied, coming together to support each other and rebuild their charming little town.

Along with a small stretch of the river, which runs just to the side of the building in this picture, there is a memorial to those that lost their lives, as well as information about this tragic event.

Marty and I love this photograph! We feel that it shows the resilience of a community that loves their little town.

The beautiful colours and the hand that seems to be pointing to the beautiful Texas hill country makes you realize that you are in a fabulous place in this big universe.

Visiting Wimberley today, I think that you will agree that it really is ‘a little bit of heaven’.

Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, Wimberley has great wineries, fabulous artisan craft shops and bed and breakfasts that will spoil you with Texas hospitality.

Be sure and drive The Devil’s Backbone while you’re in the area.

The route along highway 32 gets its name from the rolling hills that are dotted with vertebra-like outcroppings of rocks. Don’t be scared off by the name though, the views are truly heavenly.

Wimberley is a city in Hays County, Texas, United States with the population was 2,626.

It started as a trading post settlement near Cypress Creek in 1848, the year Hays County was organized. After William Carvin Winters built a gristmill at the site in 1856, it took on the name “Winters’ Mill”.

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  1. Maria

    I was lucky enough to go to a wedding in Wimberley a few years ago and was blown away by how beautiful it was! Great post, thanks for sharing.

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