Mallorca – Land of Wonders

The north-western coast of Mallorca is an extremely picturesque region, dominated by Sierra de Tramontana, sparkling with pine forests, old villages and a spectacularly rugged coastline.

I couldn’t resist exploring it a bit, even though sunbathing and sipping champagne in Palma were more than fine with me.

I will tell you my secret for the perfect trip out of Palma and amazing day in Mallorca. Eat breakfast in Port Andratx, splurge for lunch in Valldemossa and have a dinner date in Soller. Mallorca is to die for! Believe me.

Of course, if it is not raining! But do not worry, there are plenty of things to do in Mallorca when it rains. 

Mallorca Rocks!

The Port of Andratx in Mallorca is a true beauty standing in the shade of green hills and rocky cliffs.

It was originally built as a small fishing harbour, although the fishing tradition is still alive here, the place is known for being a stylish and upmarket playground for the rich and in-the-know.

It was a truly blissful morning spent over a good black coffee, a delicious breakfast, newspaper and, yes, a glass of champagne! After all, I’m on holiday! And it was Monday and a sunny day…

The laid-back Cappuccino Cafe sits perfectly in front of the stunningly glittering marina. Somehow, despite all the luxury and LV bags, Puerto Andratx has managed to retain its ‘authentic Mallorca feel’, and if you hang around, you might just spot some real gems like a German Kankenwagen.

While driving to Valldemossa the scenery is sensational! Mallorca is a really beautiful place, you will be blown away! It looks like the mountains are trying to dive into the sea. They form coves where anchoring seems close to impossible.

The whole area is covered with a rug-like mix of lush forests and olive and almond trees. The roads are a real serpentine, which adds extra spice to the already striking views.

Especially the road to Valldemossa Port is not for the faint-hearted – it is extremely narrow and winding, with terrifying hairpin bends. Superb! But only with a driver you trust.

The old and pretty village of Valldemossa lies as a hermitage in the mountains and holds some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a place of great historical importance and cultural heritage… a paradise for those who seek tranquillity and ancient architecture.

Besides strolling along the cobbled streets and visiting the Royal Carthusian Monastery with its emblematic bell tower, there is not much to do here.

The church is impressive with its frescoes and nave, the palace with its opulent apartments of the kings, and the monastery with an almost completely preserved pharmacy dating back to the 17th century.

Valldemossa is associated with a secret love story. The famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin and the Baroness Amandine Dupin, known as George Sand, spent the winter of 1838–39 here. The apartments which they occupied and Chopin’s piano can still be admired in the monastery.

After lunch at Valldemossa Hotel, I was ready for a ride on the winding road to Deia. The lovely village of Deia if full of small art galleries, cafes and ancient Majorcan stone houses among the hills.

Soller is a charming seaside town in Mallorca surrounded by unique countryside scenery formed by citrus and olive orchards.

If you are planning to stay in Soller for longer and believe me you should, here is a great post about all the things you need to know about Soller.

The most beautiful town on the island, it is notable for its architectural pearls, for example, for its 19th- and early 20th- century palatial residences and mansions built by rich merchants and landowners.

The modernist jewels of the Old Town, such as the Can Prunera, Placa Constitucio, Bank of Sóller – Banco Central Hispano – and the 13th- century Church of Saint Bartholomew, are some of them.

The only working tram on the island can be found here. It was imported from San Francisco and is locally known as the ‘Orange Express’. The route meanders from the Old Town to the harbour of Puerto de Soller through picturesque orange groves.

The only minus of coming by car here is the impossibility of taking the ’Mountain Express’ ( Ferrocarril de Soller) which connects Palma to the Port of Soller. The train, with its vintage carriages, is worth the journey in itself, and it is said that the views are breathtaking. Well, next time.

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  1. Ricky

    You have a great blog here! Do you write professionally for a company or is this just a hobby?

    • Ha ha ha Ricky, it is my hobby I guess, not so professional yet, but wouldn’t mind in the future :) Thanks for your nice words!

  2. Sea Apartment

    This is a nice blog to know about the beauty of Mallorca and its various visiting place. Blog is looking nice with so nice pictures too. Nice presentation of nature.

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    What a good way to tell us about this visiting place through this blog with very nice pictures and clear description about place worth seeing.

  4. Of all the rides in Mallorca – riding the backbone of the island is my favourite. Not for the faint of heart though – it is 60kms each way with no flat sections! It is worthy of bike time – the views are so amazing! And so different in each direction. Worth the effort….but it is a huge day out.
    Anita Mac recently posted…Waiting for the snow to fallMy Profile

  5. Port of Andratx to Soller is my favourite ride (we go by bicycle rather than car!). The scenery is sooooo stunning. One of these years I will take more time in the quaint towns. Aren’t they awesome! Great photos…if I close my eyes, I can almost feel like I am there again.
    Anita Mac recently posted…Waiting for the snow to fallMy Profile

  6. Jan Polatschek

    Oh, to visit the place where Chopin composed the “Preludes.” My favorite piano music.

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