The Luckiest Girl in the World

Hey lovey people, my name is Marysia, also known as The Luckiest Girl in the World.

Born and raised in Poland. According to the Urban Dictionary, country of the most intelligent people in Europe, the hottest girls and the only nation in the history who took over Moscow City! Twice! I know, wow! :)

According to me. A beautiful homeland. A base where my family live and where I can always come back when bored of my travels! Spend few days in a total countryside. Horse-riding, vodka drinking and repacking while bracing for my next adventure!

It took me a while to understand what my real passion in life is. I have studied to be a lawyer. Took a degree in fashion design. Lived and partied in Spain and England. Whole my life I had an ‘on and off’ affair with art, hand-made decorations and restyling furniture. I love foreign languages. I had fun working for an entertainment news agency. But those were typical romances. Amorous. Even concupiscent but always, after a while, I was burned out. I needed a new fling. A change.

Traveling gives me all that! A constant change. A new fling every few weeks. No monotony (Not counting airport procedures ha ha ha). Beautiful memories. Possibility to learn and grow. To challenge myself. Stretch my limits and foster appreciation of both: the world at large and little things back at home.

Travel Start The Luckiest Girl in the World

It all started back in 2008. Not that I didn’t travel before. I actually did quiet a lot from 2005. But 2008 was a breaking point of my life. My best friend Miss Famous Tennis Player and I decided to go for a trip to Asia. Combining Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

Seven people. Two months and one of the craziest escapades in my life. Traveling. Exploring. Tasting. Drinking. Having fun. Indulging totally. Phone off. Email out of reach. And our ‘guide’! An amazing man who spend decades traveling in Asia. He knew every little back street. The best food stands. Monks. Officers and the party places. His motto was ‘See you at breakfast at 6am’. As Spanish would say ‘Ese tío está loco’!

After two months everybody went home. While Miss Famous Tennis Player and I travelled to Koh Tao to become professional divers. We were crying like babies on the bus back to Bangkok.

I didn’t sleep whole flight back home. I was thinking. Digesting last two months. When we landed in Warsaw I had a clear plan in my head. I’m quitting everything. Not that I had much to quit – no bf, no work, no obligations. So I start to travel the world.

Traveling became my biggest love, my passion, and my addiction. It grew to be a big part of me. There is nothing (work, marriage or kids) and nobody (I had a fair share of crappy partners in my life. Starting from Mr. Married through Mr. Narcissus, Mr. Blue Bird and Mr. Wrong. Believe me, I have NO idea how I meet those ‘cases’.) that is more appealing to me than travel at the moment. But you never know what may happen. So if you are a handsome rugby player. Feel more than free to email me! Ha ha ha

But seriously, after years of indecisiveness now I can take my Little Black Book out and show you a list of Top 10 Lovers of the Luckiest Girl in the World.

Top 10 Lovers The Luckiest Girl in the World

1. Travel – Anywhere, anytime until I will travel the world. Everything you can see on this blog and much more!

2. Books – I read constantly. All the time, any place. I’m old school, I like paper books. Something I can smell. Close when I get upset or hold when I’m alone in the restaurant. My favourite authors are Hornby, Nichholls, Franzen, Kelman, Stockett, Parkin, McEwan, Parsons, Hamsun, Gaardner, Djian, Houellebecq, Thomas, Salinger, Schmitt, Eugenides, Foer, Oz, Shalev, Murakami, Pilch, Cortazar, Fitch, Mccullers, Whorton, Delerm, Lee, Kundera, Gallego, Mann, Ogawa, Jacobson, Lanchester, Cleave, Coetzee, Phillips, Moyesm, Steinbeck, Jonasson. And the best of the best Marquez!

3. Shoes – I love them all! Heels. Flats. Boots. Sandals! Colorful. Sexy and extravagant. Ok! I love handbags as well. Especially those, which cost a small car or a monthly salary of a high city banker! Oh well, what to do?! I’m just a woman! But no worries, I still prefer to spend those money for some spectacular travels :)

4. Food – I’m a total foodie. From high-end Michelin starred restaurants in Geneva to little whole-in-the-wall in Santa Barbara selling best tacos ever! Currently I’m crazy for Oslo, Tel Aviv and Zurich. Main reasons of my fondness are food and restaurants! My favourite cuisine is Japanese! I love sushi. I’m addicted to it! Maybe that is why I want to travel to Japan so much. To eat sushi for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks! :)

5. Fine wine – I love wine. RED wine to specify. I like it dry, full-bodied, silky texture and excellent acidity. Bordeaux is always my first choice, what can I say?! I always had a fondness for French! I like some reds from Israel, New Zealand and Napa but Old World is definitely my weakness. Recently I’m having a little affair with Barolo from Gaja. But French will always have my heart!

6. Art – Modern and contemporary exhibitions always catch my eye. My favourites are Dali, Picasso, Klimt, Munch, Derain, Gauguin, Schiele, Kupka, Kirchner, DeChirico, Tanguy, Chagall, Magritte, Miro, Kandinsky, Matisse, Picasso and Van Dongen.

7. Diving – From my very first dive I totally felt for it! I started in Thailand. But been diving in Easter Island, Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Israel and many others! I dive when I can and where I can. Sometimes just for two days on the normal trip, but very often I organize special diving trips and do exploring on the side.

8. Horse riding – Same as diving it gives me a sensation of total freedom. My parents have horses so I can ride every single time when I’m back at home! From other sports I like skiing as well. I started only few years ago but I’m more and more into it with every season. Oh, and can’t forget sailing. I think everything that gives freedom and fair dose of adrenaline I’m in! Extreme sports?! Paragliding, bungee jumping, sky diving?! Yeah! Bring it on!

9. Music – I’m not a big expert but music is very important to me. I take it very personally. Have my favourites for all kind of moods from happiness to laziness. Music calms me down. Allows me to switch off, but as well lift up my mood and energy level. Helps me to fall asleep and wake up. I can’t imagine life without my iPod! La, la la, la la la, la :)

10. Photography – I appreciate photography a lot. But in opposite to my taste for colorful painting, photography have to be black and white only. My favourite are Newton, Clergue, Kenna, Erwitt, Cartier-Bresson, Bailey, Avedon, Penn, Doisneau, Klein, Sieff, Horst, Boubat, Weston, Gomis and Arbus.

There is many others things which I adore like theme parties, cleaning (yes I’m a bit OCD, ok a lot) but the Top 10 above are the ones which make me a happy person. To be frank and honest I always have a smile on my face as I’m a total optimist and the luckiest Girl in the World, but those things makes my life beautiful!

Jet setting vs Off the beaten The Luckiest Girl in the World

Weather taking off with a backpack to India for three weeks. Traveling in Spain for a half of a year. Popping into Mexico City before exploring Easter Island. Spending a week in fancy Seoul. Partying my night away in Beirut or eating a delicious hummus in Jaffa, I’m always open to adventure.

Doesn’t matter if I’m currently jet-setting (Oslo, NYC, Zurich) or exploring some off the beaten path destination (KazakhstanBeninJordan, Iran). I always dedicate my time and energy to unconventional exploring the world in search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories. You can read them all here, or at least those who are appropriate to be published online.

“Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” – Lisa St Aubin de Teran