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Most of you come to my blog to read about my crazy adventures around the globe for past 12 years. And let’s be honest
I have been to pretty few countries!

As much as I love to travel, I will surprise you with saying that sometimes I want to write about things that are not strictly travel related.

I want to show you which Instagram accounts I love, or tell you about my shoe addiction or that I have a new hobby – colouring.
Yet none of those things fits my travel niche and that is the main reason why Lifestyle section was born.

I want a bit more freedom around here, I want to venture out of travel subject sometimes (no worries travel readers, I won’t be doing that too often). I want to show you a fuller picture of me and my life.


It is gonna be more of “a Girl” thing here (I doubt many guys care about my shoe obsession) but you Boys are all invited to have a look.

What can you expect here? A lot of Instagram features, a lot of Pinterest like beautiful stuff. My progress with colouring “Hidden
in the Jungle” – an anti-stress colouring book by Sara Muzio.

Stuff I love, food, travel, fashion and technology wise. New life-changing (at least for me) discoveries and finds. About books I love and read, I’m a total bookworm. Can’t live without reading and I’m more than happy to introduce you to new authors.

And last but not least, my fashion choices, I may not come across as a fashionista to many at the first sight but I did study fashion design and back in old days, I could tell you a name of every single handbag you showed me.

You already in love with this section? I’m glad to hear!
Go on, have a stroll through my articles below!