Cześć – it means ‘Hello’ in Polish!

And it is quite difficult to pronounce it correctly, so if you ever meet me in real life and manage to say it right drinks are on me :)

Things You didn’t Know is a series of interesting travel facts which started because I love to observe the world! No, not in a
creepy, stalking way! So relax, ok?

I travel to observe, to see and to understand other cultures, mentalities, people and religions. Maybe that is why I like to travel on my own. I want to immerse totally, to make my own mind and to dig deep into the country!

In this series, you can read about things and customs that amazed me, surprised me in some way or simply made me smile!

Interesting Travel Facts

I know what you are thinking! Interesting travel facts such as Indonesia being the biggest Muslim country in the world or Oman opening its borders to tourists in 1989. You can’t be more wrong!

My series is about things you can’t really ask Uncle Google about (I mean you can now because I have written about it). It is about my genuine observations and things that I found quirky or unusual. Patterns, behaviours that I observed and found them worth mentioning to other travellers.

Things that may help you to understand a country you are planning to visit in a near future. Or maybe change an opinion about a country you only know from media mentions. Or read about a country you know well from a totally different perspective, a perspective of a curious Polish Girl.

interesting travel facts

I know that reading about your own country from a perspective of a visitor may be a slightly weird experience but please understand I loved your countries, that is why I wrote about them. Please take it easy on me and do tell me if I’m mistaken about something specific.

So dig in, and let’s see how many of them You really didn’t Know!

Georgia – Interesting Facts

Country of ‘Mama’ being a father, some of the craziest drivers in the world and no smoking restrictions.

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Indonesia – Interesting Facts

Country of the most expensive coffee in the world, more motorbikes than people, spicy food and strong massages.

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Luxembourg – Interesting Facts

Country of the most castles per capita, only pastel houses, the only Grand Duchy in the world and more!

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Sri Lanka – Interesting Facts

Country of million colours but one kind of dogs, where brands can advertise on governmental and road signs.

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Iran – Interesting Facts

Taarof rule explained, crazy drivers, old currency, nose jobs, sweets obsession and issues with hitch-hiking.

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Azerbaijan – Interesting Facts

Last existing kolkhoz, eating watermelon with white cheese and issues of taking pictures!

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Oman – Interesting Facts

Country of Arab horses, outstanding hospitality, no Coca-Cola and best diving sites in the world!

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Benin – Interesting Facts

Country of Voodoo, crazy transportation and wearing winter jackets in 22 degree Celsius on plus!

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Jordan – Interesting Facts

Country of over-whelming Bedouin’s hospitality, ancient City of Petra and playground of Lawrence of Arabia!

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Kazakhstan – Interesting Facts

The Former Soviet Republic, country of thousand fountains and drinking koumiss bottom up! Cheers!

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Chernobyl – Interesting Facts

Chernobyl’s nuclear accident facts and exclusion zone is turning into a wildlife park and sanctuary.

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Dubai – Interesting Facts

Modern swimming suites and burkinis. Wildcats as pets. Ferrari pizza delivery services and ATM with no cash.

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Pulau Besar – Interesting Facts

A deserted sacred island full of golf courses, street lights always on and locals looking dangerous yet being super friendly.

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