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After India, I decided to spend the last weeks of winter in Dolomites Italy. As you may already know I love this part of Italy. Been in Trentino more than few times, both in winter and in summer.

Here you can check pictures from my last trip and some great tips for a perfect 4-day summer trip in the Dolomites.

But let’s talk winter in the Dolomites and why Trentino is the best choice for winter holidays in the Dolomites Italy?!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Why winter in Trentino?

Reasons are omnipresent. List of winter activities in the Dolomites is never-ending. All that on top of rich cultural and historical heritage, amazing food and fine ‘aperitivo’ culture you gonna love!

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy, Skiing

Skiing in Trentino

Italian ski resorts are among the best ones in the world. Most of them, such as Val di Sole, Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa, Monte Bondone, Alpe Cimbra and Madona di Campiglio are located in Trentino.

Sking in Italy and winter in Trentino spoil with amazing snow conditions, amount of sun and quality of the off-piste activities.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy, Nordic Ski

Nordic skiing in Trentino, Dolomites Italy

Trentino is the Mecca of cross-country skiing in the Dolomite Mountains. Hundreds of kilometres of trails of all difficulty levels. Numerous training centres with schools and renting facilities and perfect weather conditions.

But it is the beauty of the region and spectacular set up of cross-country ski trails that will charm you and steal your heart! Numerous picturesquely set up mountain huts with great food and view over peaks of Dolomites… what more you may need?

List of cross-country skiing centres in Trentino.

Hint: In most of the places you can rent fat-bikes to ride on snow, even the electric ones, so you do not have to be worried about all those uphills :)

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy, Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing in winter in Trentino

Snowshoeing is my recent discovery, not that I didn’t try it before but trying it in such a high mountain assured me that it is my kind of sport.

And let’s be honest if you love hiking like me, no matter the season, snowshoes will be your best friends in winter

There is nothing better than 10-15km snowshoe hike in pristine nature admiring beautiful views all around you and enjoying the sun.

List of snowshoeing walks in Trentino.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Horseback riding in Trentino, Dolomites Italy

You didn’t think that horseback riding is a winter activity? Well, horse riding is a whole year activity but it is much special experience in winter, like seeing a polo game on snow! Horseback tours during winter in Trentino are plentiful and easy to arrange.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

For whom?

For all winter lovers and it doesn’t really matter if you are sport obsessed like me or more kind of ‘snow and chill’ person like my partner, Trentino has everything for you.

Winter activities, some really exceptional spa’s, beautiful road trips and architecture to die for, if you are a castle enthusiast like me :)

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,


All winter long, but I always choose March. As my Mum says March is the best month to enjoy the Dolomites, you get best of both seasons.

Superb snow conditions to ski, snowshoe and Nordic ski, while early spring is coming to cities and lower altitude areas. And yes my Mum is a smarty!

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Perfect Winter in Trentino Itinerary

This time around I was travelling with my partner and we spent 6 days in Trentino. Read through my itinerary. You can either follow it or stay a full skiing week in Monte Bondone.

Or just spend a great ski weekend either in Monte Bondone or Val di Non. Or a long weekend mixing those two. Possibilities are never-ending :)

Day 1 – Skiing in Monte Bondone

As we arrived the evening before and settled nicely in the Hotel Monte Bondone we were able to hit the slopes first thing in the morning after breakfast.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

You can actually ski from and to the hotel but as we had to rent our equipment and meet my partner ski teacher we drove to Vason del Monte Bondone.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

We got ou Monte Bondone ski passes, rented skiing gear and found my partner a very nice teacher at Scuola Italiana Sci Monte Bondone called Matteo who took upon himself to handle my boyfriend’s first skiing lesson.

From now on I will keep on calling my bf Mr Motorbiker. It will be easier for all of us :)

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Even though the weather wasn’t ideal we handle it both like champs and really enjoyed skiing in Monte Bondone. With a little help of ‘bombardino power’.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Monte Bondone Ski Resort accounts mainly for four villages of Vason, Norge, Vaneze, and Candriai. Has 4 ski lifts (Palon, Montesel, 3-Tre, and Rocce-Rosse), 20km of superbly prepared slopes, Snow Park, night skiing and amazing views of the Dolomites and Lake Garda.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Afternoon: a well-deserved nap, spa treatment, sauna and a beautiful dinner in Monte Bondone Hotel.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Day 2 – Snowshoeing and Cross-country skiing in Monte Bondone

We decided to ski downhill skiing as the weather was still not perfect and we went to Scuola Italiana Sci Fondo Viote where you can rent snowshoeing and Nordic skiing equipment as well as get an instructor if this is your first time!

The day started with snowshoeing. There are great paths all around the centre you can choose your distance and difficulty to your fitness level. I really loved this unreal experience in walking in a beautiful morning fog.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

After having traditional Trentino lunch filled with ‘canederli’, ‘Tosella’ cheese and polenta off we went to try our luck with cross-country skiing.

I tried it before in Finland but for Mr Motorbiker it was a first time and he loved it. It was fun and being in the awfully beautiful surroundings of the Dolomites helps!

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

The rest of the day was like a play and repeat game from the evening before. Sauna, spa and delicious food.

Followed by watching a football game in the hotel bar and arguing which Aperol Spritz is better, the classic one or the Trentino spin?

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

And let me tell you observing Italian people watching Italian team plays in Champions League is really something to see and experience! haha

Day 3 – Trento City Exploration

If you are a seasoned skier you know there is something called ‘crisis of the third day’, that is why many people will advise you to take it easy on the third day of a week in the mountains. And we did!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

A little trip to Trento seemed like a great idea, to enjoy some fine restaurants, do some sightseeing and shop a bit.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

We visited impressive Buonconsiglio Castle, which was the seat of the Bishopric of Trent from the 13th century onwards to the end of the 18th century.

According to legend, it was connected by a secret tunnel to the city’s cathedral, which allowed the prince-bishops to move unseen between them.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Strolled pretty little streets of Trento, had a great lunch in Antico Pozzo Restaurant and decided to check out the newest pride of Trento – Muse Museum of Science.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Muse is a great place with an innovative concept of displaying and teaching you through an exhibit that uses the metaphor of the mountain to describe the life on Earth.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

My favourite spots where the 4th floor when you can see and experience real iceberg and peak of the mountains and a tropical greenhouse with all kind of vegetation from Tanzania.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Day 4 – Raod Trip: Monte Bondone – Val di Non

I love me a good road trip, so any time an occasion comes, I grab it. On the first day in Italy, I was looking through Instagram pictures of Visit Trentino and spotted a beautiful picture of Lago di Toblino.

It ringed a bell. I saw a road sign with this name somewhere. Quick Google search and it came out that it is on the way to Non-Valley were we are going.

So after a quick talk with Mr Motorbiker and a very kind guy at the reception, we had a plan. To take a longer but very scenic route to Cles from Monte Bondone.

Little did I know that there will be so many exciting places within such a short distance.

There was Toblino Lake and cute little village Santa Massenza – famous for producing grappa.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Castel Madruzzo with amazing mountain peaks in the backdrop.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Spectacular Lake Molveno where the ‘game of reflection perfection’ was taken to another level.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Unexpected and very beautiful ruins of the Belfort Castle.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Finally, beautiful Non-Valley, filled with apple trees, not blooming yet but nevertheless very impressive.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

And last St Romedio Sanctuary, pilgrimage shrine build on the high rock in the middle of the beautiful gorge.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

I have to admit that Val di Non had me even before I unpacked in the cutest hotel in a tiny village of Rumo – Hotel Albergo Cavallino Bianco. And before our first dinner, which was a 6-course tasting menu in order to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Did I mention they have a great SPA area? And a superb hot tub set up outside with a beautiful view over surrounding mountains?

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

Day 5 – Snowshoeing in Val di Non

As I have mentioned we were staying in a great hotel in Rumo run by the nicest family ever. So you can imagine that I was over the moon when they said they can organize the day of snowshoeing in the mountains.

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy, SnowshoeingWinter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy, Snowshoeing

In the morning we geared up and off we drove to the starting point. We did a bit more than 10km snowshoe hike in a beautiful area of Non-Valley. After we had a lunch in a great Malga Revo Alm.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

I loved this day because I love to be in Nature and enjoying sports activities. But there was one more reason why I was over the moon. Val di Non is pet-friendly and everywhere we went I was able to see many dogs and play with them.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Even on our snowshoe trek, we had a company of Blackie – most active and cute dog I have ever met! My life was completed.

I know I may sound like a lunatic but for someone like me who loves dogs and due to the lifestyle is not able to have one it was heaven!

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy

We spent the evening chilling in the Spa and eating well.

Day 6 – Horseback riding in Val di Non

Our last day we decided to try some horseback riding in Agritur Agostini in Tavon because why not!? As we are people who have experience with horses; Mr Motorbiker got a little training from my father in Poland the previous summer; we went off for a 2h ride around two totally frozen lakes.

Mr Motorbiker got a beautiful white horse called Rambo, and let me tell you the name was very accurate. He was real Rambo and felt comfortable to do whatever he wants. Like Rambo did in his movies with his fighting opponents lol

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

We finished with lunch at the Agritur restaurant. I discovered that a signature dish of Non-Valley are ‘the Tortel da Patate’ which are actually Polish ‘placki ziemniaczane’ which I love!

And to be honest they serve it better in Val di Non with a selection of amazing cheeses, speck ham, salami and salads. Delicious, but you need someone to share it with!

Winter in Trentino, Dolomites, Italy,

After lunch, it was time for us to hit the road and say bye bye to Trentino. As I always say, it is never goodbye, it is just so long!

Final Thoughts & Tips

◊◊◊ It is a smart choice to rent a 4-wheel drive, especially if you are planning to drive to ski resorts from the airport by yourself. The snow plowing services in Trentino are pretty amazing. (And let me tell you, those drivers, full respect from me, plowing on such serpentine roads, crazy!) We were happy more than a few times that we came with a 4WD.

Like that time when we had to help an older couple with a super excited dachshund to push their cars. They tried not park for few minutes to walk their dog lol

◊◊◊ You can rent all possible sport-gear but do pack proper winter attire, waterproof winter boots, glows, goggles and hats, unless you are intending to hit all those winter sales.

◊◊◊ Always have a credit card and some cash to pay smoothly for using highways.

◊◊◊ Book upfront if you are coming with whole family or bunch of friends, hotels fill out pretty quickly.

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Cheers, Marysia


Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy  Perfect 4 Day Dolomites Itinerary

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