6 Amazing Places to Visit while on a trip to Italy

Italy needs no introduction, with impressive places like the palaces and the castles and beautifully created artwork that are awe-inspiring in itself. We have curated 6 such amazing places that you need to visit that grabs the essence of culture and adventure in Italy.

Valle dei Mulini

‘Valley of the Hills’ is a collection of ruins settled at the bottom of the giant Italian fissure. This deep crack was generated with an eruption that happened millions of years ago. Flour mills were built which ran effortlessly due to the constant stream of water at the bottom of the valley.

And right after that, many other industries noticed the opportunity and were successfully established alongside, these included sawmills, wash-houses, etc.

But in 1940, the flour mills had to be shifted and since then, every other industry that tagged along ceased to function gradually and the place came to be abandoned eventually.

Since then, the buildings have been surrounded by overgrowth of greenery in the humid rift. These mills can be seen from Viale Enrico Caruso. It is really a marvellous sight to observe from afar.

​The Monsters of Bomarzo

Also called ‘Parco dei Mostri’ or the Park of the Monsters is a really intriguing place to visit. It was designed in a way to give horror vibes to its observers.

It is filled with bizarre and interesting sculptures like a fish-head looking like a monster, a house built on a tilt to confuse the viewer.

All these structures including the frightening piece with an enormous head and the mouth screaming wide-open can be explained with inscriptions that go alongside each.

It was built during the 16th century Italian renaissance by Prince Pier Francesco Orsini. Many famous people like Salvador Dalí, Jean Cocteau became fans of this park and many paintings, stories, and other artwork have been curated based on this park.

The Mad Coloured Houses of Burano

You have probably heard or seen this place virtually on the internet, but it is even more attractive when we visit in real life.

These houses are in Venice, located beside the Venetian lagoons and are painted in bright coloured neon hues to give a vibrant look. This is a practice that the Venetian community follows in Burano.

Burano is made of four small islands linked together with a series of bridges and this colourful painting trend. It has seen a rise and fall for decades until recently when the practice was refurbished.

The normal practice usually revolves around painting the houses every two years and they make sure that it is a different colour from their neighbourhood’s colour. They also need to take approval from the local community prior to starting the work.

Burano also has many other artwork such as the Museum of Lace and though photography is prohibited on the premises, it is outlawed as huge groups of photographers flock on the streets of this colourful island.

Neptune’s Grotto

It is a beautifully lit cave named after the Roman God of the Sea which was discovered as a grotto by a local fisherman from a small opening in a cliff side. This wondrous grotto is decorated with plenty of stalactites and stalagmites which has made it emerge as a popular tourist attraction.

Within the grotto, tourists can visit a 120 meter long lake with wonderful calcic structures from inside. You enter the cave via boat or even by car. The passageways within the cliffs are roughly two and a half miles but only the first few hundred meters are accessible to the public.

Rocchetta Mattei

This is a castle created by a great creator named ‘Cesare Mattei’ who is known as the father of ‘electrohomeopathy’, a technology known to cure cancer. Construction of this current castle had begun in 1850 by him who had developed his own system of healing by trapping the energy of plants to heal illnesses in man including cancer.

He built this castle with the above concept – the “Rocchetta” by mixing medieval, middle-eastern and gothic styles. The layout of the castle is to watch out for, like arbitrarily interconnected rooms.

Many of its features are known to be built with fake materials such as “stained glass” that is actually painted.

There is a room named the “Nineties Room” which Mattei had specifically built to celebrate his 90th birthday, unfortunately, he couldn’t celebrate due to early death. In the 2000’s the site was renovated and opened some of it to the public.

The Village of Craco

This is a hillside village located in the Province of Matera that once thrived for more than 1400 years post which catastrophic occurings like the Black plague, the landslide etc. The village sits on a cliff 400 meters off of the ground that was built in the 13th century.

Even without any residential occupancy, the vulnerable history of the town has left it to be emerged as a monument. Along with the castle, there is also a church in Craco that houses a statue of the Virgin Mary which is equally famous as many visitors come to this town to pay homage to the statue during religious festivals.

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