Must-See Sites in the Old City of Jerusalem

The old city of Jerusalem is one of the top-rated tourists’ destinations. Surrounded by ancient walls and sacred sites, you can never exhaust the fantastic things to do and places to visit in this city.

It also happens to be the focal point of three major faiths that is Christians, Muslims, and Jews. With this, you will not be surprised to know that the old city of Jerusalem is one most historic and amazing cities

The best part is that the Old City of Jerusalem is easily navigable, and you will never run out of accommodation choices. They have fantastic accommodation options like Dan Hotels, who have several hotels in Jerusalem near the old city.

They are all luxurious, comfortable, and come at an affordable rate thanks to special deals throughout the year.

In this article, we have highlighted some of the must-see sites in this city.

The Wailing Wall

Your visit to Jerusalem is not complete without a trip to the Kotel. This site is said to be the holiest spot in the Jewish faith. It only takes a short walk around the city of Jerusalem to get to this amazingly beautiful sacred site.

People also go here to make their wishes on a piece of paper that you can slit in the cracks of the wall and believe that your wish will be granted. The experience at the Wailing Wall is magical and life-changing.

The Kotel Tunnels

While still in Kotel, you should take advantage of the opportunity to tour around the Tunnels and explore the hidden areas of the Wailing Wall.

As you walk through the tunnels, you will come across old water trenches and streets from thousands of years ago. You also get to learn more about the history of this city.

Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the rock has become a significant tourist’s sensation as they go to see the beautiful and fascinating site that is said to be a significant symbol of this city’s history. You can see the gold leaf from the Dome of Rock from much of the city.

The decorations are on a different level. It is found in Haram Esh-Sharif, which also happens to be the home to a range of scenes and attractive features that you can explore while still there.

Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

This site is of great significance to the Christian faith. The church is built on a spot that is believed to be the place where Jesus resurrected. It has been there for centuries, and you will find Christians from across the globe visiting and praying.

Mount of Olive

You have probably come across this place in several history books, and you cannot leave Jerusalem without having a one on one experience with this sacred place.

It is found in eastern Jerusalem, and you are going to love the spectacular scenes and views across the Old City of Jerusalem and Jerusalem at large.

The site was initially a gravesite for thousands of years and has over 150, 000 graves. It is also home to a range of Christian churches.

The list of sites to visit while in the Old City of Jerusalem is endless, and these are just a few places that you should not miss. Travelling is fun, and it only gets better in this amazing city.

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