Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have really come into their own in recent times. They’ve been around for years but the giant strides in technology which allows you to create beautiful wall hangings from your own photos has seen them become the top choice for art works in the home.

Thousands of us every day head on line to top quality websites such as Hello Canvas and create our own unique prints, and this popularity makes us believe there is nothing not to like. Are they really this perfect, or are there flaws we’ve never really thought about?

Quality of Reproduction

You can print off digital pictures in every high street for just a few pence. Add a pretty frame and you have a lovely gift. The optimum size for these, however, is only 7” x 5” or 6” x 4”.

This is due to the vast majority of today’s pictures being taken on smartphones or tablets, which doesn’t lend itself well to being enlarged to anything over A4 size.

While this is a decent sized photograph it’s a pretty small canvas. Once you have uploaded your photo onto a website and selected which size canvas you are after the best quality printing equipment goes to work to ensure that your picture doesn’t lose any of its details or clarity by being enlarged.

The website will show you the optimum size for your photo and if you choose to ignore this and try to make that teeny picture into a 4ft x 3ft canvas you have nobody to blame but yourself when the resulting print is poor.

Lightweight and Easy to Hang

As the weight of the frame and canvas together would barely register on a set of bathroom scales they are very easy to hang and won’t damage any walls.

Heavy pictures in frames will require drilling and holes in walls to make sure they are sturdy, whilst even large canvases can be suspended successfully using those little pins you get in basic picture hanging kits from any budget store or online.

They Look Good Anywhere

As there is no frame to a canvas print they literally blend in with any style of décor. It’s all about the picture on the canvas, which you can create to be perfectly in keeping with that contemporary bedroom or traditionally styled sitting room.

Canvases work best against a background of a plain wall to really make them pop and a monochrome print will look stunning in any setting.

Totally Unique

The use of a canvas print is the easiest way to show off your photographic prowess on a large scale.

As mentioned before photographs rarely look good when greatly enlarged unless you take them to a professional who will charge a small fortune.

That series of photos from your travels which you are particularly proud of can be transferred onto canvas and create a set of stunning images which you can proudly show off in your home.

Are There Any Cons?

There are a couple of cons to canvas prints, but these are far outweighed by the pros. A canvas print isn’t waterproof, neither are they scratch resistant so make sure you don’t hang them anywhere your cat can get their claws on it.

That’s about it really, so all things considered it’s little wonder that canvas prints are as popular as they are.

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