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usa Lembongan Sunset, Indonesia

This week I’m featuring a photography of Nusa Lembongan sunset and the happy ending story connected to it. The photo was taken in Indonesia by Kelly Barcus from the No Man Before Travel & Adventure Blog.

After moving from Los Angeles to Cambridge, England in 2015 with her husband and newborn son, Kelly started a travel blog to document their travels around Europe.

Their son Hudson visited twelve countries before his first birthday.

She loves to share the practical information and tips she can never seem to find when researching a destination herself.

Most of their travel revolves around beaches, hiking trails, and finding the best local pastries.

Kelly moved back to Southern California with her family in 2017 but continues to travel, recently taking trips to Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: Nusa Lembongan Sunset

This was the only type of boat I ever wanted to be near again; one that was safe, and on dry land.

We had just crossed the stretch of the Bali Sea between Lombok and Bali before finally docking here, on a tiny island just east of Bali called Nusa Lembongan.

We boarded a small boat at about noon earlier that day in Lombok to make the crossing between the islands. This crossing happens multiple times a day, almost every day of the year.

We thought it would be pretty routine and weren’t worried much about it. My biggest fear at that point was that our two-year-old son would get restless because the travel time was supposed to be about four hours.

I wish that my son’s crying ended up being my biggest worry. He actually slept almost the entire journey, heaven knows how, because it was rockiest boat ride of my life.

Soon after embarking, the crew was passing out barf bags and the waves were smashing above the windows.

I told myself that the water would calm soon, not thinking very logically about how the ocean works and that the waves would keep getting bigger.

The water was soon crashing so hard into the windows I thought they would shatter at any moment.

Most passengers were visibly upset, including a girl crying hysterically at the back of the boat. Instead of the captain trying to slow down, he seemed to be taking the boat out on a joy ride, laughing as he steered straight into oncoming waves.

Both my husband and I sat there white knuckled, praying that we would make it back to shore safely. Our demands to slow down were completely ignored and we felt totally helpless.

I looked down at my son, peacefully sleeping with his head on my lap, promising I would never put him into a position like this again.

I hope that will be true, but acknowledge that whether we’re travelling or at home, I can’t control everything. We make the best decisions with the information we have, but it doesn’t always go according to plan.

When we finally reached the harbour in Nusa Lembongan, I practically leapt off the boat. We spent the evening sitting on this beach, watching the sky turn from blue to pink to black.

Nusa Lembongan is a small island off the southeast coast of Bali.

Quickly becoming one of Bali’s most popular attractions, this island paradise is a world away from the hassle and hectic pace of South Bali.

Main activities include surfing, diving and snorkeling. The water is some of the clearest you will find anywhere, and a vivid aqua blue in colour.

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