Friday Lens Affair #14


Okinawa Festival, Japan

Today I’m hosting a colourful image from Okinawa Festival by Michael Lynch. You can find out more about Michael and the islands of Okinawa at Yahoo Voices. Please follow him on Twitter.

I have chosen this photograph because Japan is one of my twenty top Dream Destinations I would love to visit soon. And it is not only because I love sushi! Ha ha ha

For me, Japan seems to be very mysterious, completely different environment. The mentality of the people, history, art, architecture and culture are super interesting! I would love to properly discover this country! As I like to say better sooner than later :)

Picture Story: Okinawa Festival, Japan

Every year, at the end of October/beginning of November, a parade and coronation ceremony takes place in Okinawa Festival, Japan.

It is best to plan your stay for a few days to fully enjoy Okinawa city, here is a good 2-day Okinawa itinerary with some great tips about accommodations and restaurants.

It is actually a re-enactment of what took place when the islands of Okinawa were known as the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Ambassadors from China would be greeted by an entourage from the Ryukyu Kingdom when they arrived to recognize the King and Queen of the islands. The two countries were major trade partners.

This photo depicts part of the royal procession, as it moves, along International Avenue, heading to UNESCO Shuri Castle.

The World Heritage Site was the centre of the Kingdom in the 14th Century, located in the city of Naha, which remains the Capitol of Okinawa, to this day.

The brilliantly coloured hats, worn by the ladies represent a red flower, floating on the sea.  They are performing a traditional dance known as Yostudake. Yotsu, meaning “four” and Dake “only”.

Looking closely at their hands, you’ll see, the women are playing instruments as they dance. The rhythm is made from only four pieces of bamboo. It is loud and lively.

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