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Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, USA

Today I’m featuring a great shot taken at the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada by Brittney Disov from the My Cultural Curiosity Blog.

Brittney is a freelance virtual assistant based in Chicago, Illinois.

Her curious disposition and deep love of travel have emboldened her to launch a travel and lifestyle blog that highlights the magical, diverse and delicious world we live in.

She enjoys museums, yoga, dining out at new eateries & casual local joints. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: Valley of Fire State Park

Every summer I’d accompany my husband for his annual work convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pool. Booze. Dinner. Show. Repeat.

I was tired. I did that for a few years until one year I said I can’t do this anymore, so I stopped showing up.

Well, this past January he needed to be in Vegas for a weekend and invited me to go with him.

He only needed a few hours for work and the rest of the weekend we could explore. I agreed and to my surprise developed a positive and new perspective toward this city.

From now on I say Vegas Schmegas! Get off the strip and explore the natural world outside of sin city. Did you know about 50 miles outside of Vegas lies an incredible State Park called the Valley of Fire?

If you are visiting Las Vegas I STRONGLY urge you to consider taking a full or half day trip to see this incredible geological formation.

Wind through the park and prepare to be jaw dropped throughout your exploration. You’ll instantly be captivated by the bright red sandstone formations which were formed millions of years ago.

You’ll have access to a few marked trails for hikers to search and go deep within the land of the rock or pull over anywhere and explore on your own! We chose the 45-minute white domes trail right on time for sunset and were swept away by the illuminating pastel colours at the site!

The park is equipped with a few campgrounds which I imagine is brilliant for stargazing and easily one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen for a campground site.

During your visit, you’ll see ancient old petroglyphs, petrified logs, and by far my favourite a rock formation that looks just like an elephant (my spirit animal).

Another bonus to being here in the dead of winter is having this beauty all to ourselves, high times are during the spring and fall so I felt like we really lucked out there with not encountering many tourists.

The weather could not have been more perfect for our visit, high 60’s to low 70’s which is tolerable compared to the upper 90’s and 100’s during the summer time.

It’s totally weird to say this but I’m pretty excited to get back to Vegas just so I can come back to this park and hopefully camp!

Next time you’re in Vegas make sure The Valley of Fire goes straight to the top of your Las Vegas itinerary, you’ll be so grateful you did!

Valley of Fire State Park is a public recreation and nature preservation area covering nearly 46,000 acres located 16 miles south of Overton, Nevada.

The state park takes its name from red sandstone formations, the Aztec Sandstone, which formed from shifting sand dunes 150 million years ago.

These features, which are the centerpiece of the park’s attractions, often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays.

It is Nevada’s oldest state park and it is designated as a National Natural Landmark.

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