Friday Lens Affair 225

Little Children on a Bicycle Mural, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Today I’m featuring Little Children on a Bicycle Mural from the George Town, Penang in Malaysia taken by Krista Nannery from the Passport Delicious Blog.

Krista is an American living and working in London. She has been blogging since 2004 when she first moved to London.

She writes mainly about dining out (she doesn’t cook!) and travel (goal is to visit 100 countries by the time she turns 50…at 61 so far!).

Krista is also obsessed with street art. And London! She loves London. She thinks it’s the best city in the world. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Story: Little Children on a Bicycle Mural

I first started following street art when I moved to London in 2004. I would walk around Brick Lane, in East London, and find all this really vibrant, daring art right there on the city walls.

Pieces would pop up overnight and sometimes they would disappear just as quickly, replaced by something newer and different.

I’ve since discovered that street art is everywhere. If you keep your eyes open, you will find it in the most unlikely of places. (I love the French street artist Clet Abraham and what he does to stop signs! I also love Stikman and his smushed crosswalk robots.)

A few friends suggested that if I loved street art, I had to visit George Town in Penang, Malaysia. In George Town, the colonial heart of town, I would find plenty of street art to keep me busy!!

I am highly suggestible sometimes so after hearing this suggestion a few times, I actually booked a plane ticket to Malaysia!!

I immediately fell in love with this colourful and interesting city and I couldn’t stop eating the food — a mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese and everything else you can imagine — and of course, I couldn’t stop looking at the street art!!

You’ll find this piece — “Little Children on a Bicycle” — on Armenian Street, in the heart of George Town’s Old Town. Just watch for the crowds of people waiting their turn to take a photo!

The piece is by a London-based artist Ernest Zacharevic and went up in 2012 for the George Town festival. I love that this is more than just a’s three-dimensional and includes an old-fashioned real black bicycle.

This is one of the things that I think makes this piece so popular and leads people to queue up with their camera phones…anyone can interact with the art, making it personal for everyone.

Little Children on a Bicycle Mural can be found on the wall of a shophouse in the Armenian Street in George Town, Penang in Malayasia.

It is one of the two murals along that street painted by London-trained artist Ernest Zacharevic during the George Town Festival.

It depicts a little girl taking her younger brother on a bicycle ride. The joy in their faces echoes down the street, providing a ray of cheer and adding character to Armenian Street.

Ever since the mural was completed it became another famous Instagram spot.

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Pin Little Children on a Bicycle Mural, George Town, Malaysia

3 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair 225

  1. Nathan Taylor

    Hi Krista,

    I love the little Children on a Bicycle Mural and can see why it quickly became a tourists spot. Some of this type of work is absolutely ingenious. I would love to be able to do something similar. Have tried but failed.

    Cheers, Nathan…

  2. Esther

    What a lovely find. Like you, I am also always on the lookout for street art and it’s often the smallest pieces that have some interesting background story!

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