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Pepe Gaka Quapaw Mural, Hot Springs, USAToday I’m hosting an amazing shot of Pepe Gaka Quapaw Mural in Hot Springs taken by Deepika Pillai from the Deexterous Blog.

Dee is a 30-year-old free-spirited, peripatetic, happy soul behind the blog. She is Amma to a wonderful 1.5-year-old little human cub, Vivaan. And our complete man is my husband, Rohan. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Story: Pepe Gaka Quapaw Mural

Hot Springs is nestled within the Ouachita range of mountains and has steam from the 47 natural hot springs that pour from the road vents and floats out very like a light-weight fog rolling across the road.

It gets its name from the natural thermal spring waters found here. Flowing out of the ground at an average temperature of 143 °F, the hot springs produce almost one million gallons of water each day.

Hot Springs National Park has a long and colourful history, beginning long before its designation as Hot Springs Reservation in 1832.

3,000 years ago Native Americans who discovered Hot Springs named it “Valley of the Vapors“.Thermal waters to help you heal and relax.

On the historic central avenue, the masterpieces created by Pepe Gaka will strike you.

Right across from these daring murals is that the historic bathhouse row – with eclectic buildings from mid-18th to the nineteenth century, and in Spanish and Italianate styles; linearly aligned with formal entrances, outside fountains and promenades.

Pepe Gaka has captured beautiful portraits and colours of the Quapaw tribe who are an integral part of the region’s history.

The French known as this tribe ‘Arkansas’ and that is how the state supposedly got named.

The murals are a celebration of the Quapaw tribe, peace-loving, warm people. Giuseppe Percivati, additionally referred to as Pepe Gaka, was born in Italy and has lived all over the world.

He has been a street painter since 2011 and shuttles between the Philippines, USA & Europe. investigate this video on the creating of the murals at Hot Springs.

Pepe Gaka Quapaw Mural in Hot Springs was created by artist to celebrate  Quapaw Tribe back in June 2017.

The Quapaw (or Arkansas and Ugahxpa) people are a tribe of Native Americans that coalesced in the Midwest and Ohio Valley.

The Dhegiha Siouan-speaking tribe historically migrated from the Ohio Valley area to the west side of the Mississippi River and resettled in what is now the state of Arkansas; their name for themselves refers to this migration and traveling downriver.

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