Scenic Flight – Koggala Airport

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

It is very late at night here in Sri Lanka and my alarm clock is set up for 5am! Crazy! But before resting my head on the pillow for at least an hour or two I want to stay focused on my challenge of keeping you updated with my adventures daily for one hundred days!

Today I was planning to devote my time to being lazy over the pool, with a book by Amos Oz which I’m reading recently.

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

I was set. Late wake up, late breakfast, lazy day between the pool in Cinnamon Bey Beruwala and the beach. Maybe watching a sunset and early bed time due to long conference day tomorrow.

We all know that real life happens outside of your set up plan, no matter how OCD you are! Ha ha ha

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

The best experiences are always the unplanned and unexpected ones and yet again it was proved!

Today my happy moment involves a scenic flight by Cinnamon Air in organization with Cvisit Sri Lanka. Believe my guys you all want to be checking it out once here!

Without a doubt not to miss experience, it made straight away to my  ‘Sri Lanka Highlights List’!

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

The scenic flight was taking place in area of Galle. From a very picturesque Koggala Lagoon Airport among the coast.

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

It only takes 20 minutes but it is what it is. 20 minutes of admiring beautiful coastal area around Galle from above! I loved the views, I loved the experience and I loved the plane crew!

Not only because they were the coolest pilots I have ever met, wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

Not only because they had a great sense of humour and been all super nice!

Not only because the pilot happened to be Polish! I know, I know and I told you that long time ago! Polish people are taking over the world ha ha ha

Mainly because, no matter how relaxed and chilled they appeared to be, they were very professional in their approach!

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

You know how pictures can never really express the beauty which human eye can see, no matter how great they are. This is definitely one of those cases! No matter how great it looks in magazines and journals, experiencing it was fun!

I’m super happy that I got to try it! Not like I never took a flight by small plane but it was my first seaplane – amphibious aircraft! So it was something new and new is always exciting, especially for such an adrenaline junkie like me! But not to some very relaxed kayakers LOL

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

Knowing or not knowing that I love the thrill, the pilot started reaching MAGLs pretty quick and pulled the 360 turn on us! It was totally awesome!

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

After the turn we started our way back to Koggala Airport and we even caught sight of famous Sri Lankan fishermen!

Sri Lankan fishermen use the most astonishing method to fish existing! Stilt fishing. It is an old traditional way practised by about 500 fishing families in area of Galle. But more about the fishermen in some other post when I will finally get to observe them from the beach. Nevertheless it was great seeing them from above!

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

The landing was very smooth, which seems logical according to basic laws of physics but still it was a nice surprise. Same as paragliding above Kazbegi in Georgia when I expected more kind of a ‘parachuting strong grand hit’! Nothing like either there or here!

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

After landing and some chit chat with a pilot we went for a late lunch at Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa and than back to our hotel for some well deserved me time.

Evening was all about the karaoke but some stories better stay untold! After all, I need to keep some of them for real life meetings. But no worries, nothing crazy, like me actually participating in the singing, happened!

Scenic flight by Cinnamon Air

I can only say that I have met Elton John, or at least his ‘voice twin brother’! Ha ha ha

Follow the rest of my Sri Lanka Adventure here!

Disclaimer: My stay in Cinnamon Bey Beruwala was sponsored by Cinnamon Hotels. The scenic flight by Cinnamon Air and was a part of organized activity for TBCAsia conference I’m attending. Having said that, all thoughts, opinions and observations are always my own. 

6 thoughts on “Scenic Flight – Koggala Airport

  1. John Williams

    Mind blowing location having artistic view from the top. Love to see such place exist on the earth.

    • Oh, I’m the same, it is always so inspiring to see such places on some photographies, glad this one inspired you.
      Marysia recently posted…Best Beach Escapes for 2016My Profile

  2. I love the photos Marysia! Darn, just published a new post today on Views from Plane Windows – wish I had asked you if you had a contribution this time around!

    Seaplanes are great because you know if there’s a problem they can land anywhere. We took one a few years back between Ko Phi Phi and Ko Yao Noi and was fantastic. Would love to relive it.

    Nice post,
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Ha ha ha Frank, I took part in the previous one so wanted to leave place for other people! This flight was amazing and really if you ever gonna be in Sri Lanka do take Cinnamon Air, they are fabulous and who would say no to those views?

      And I must admit it was my first seaplane or the others where just not memorable enough :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #97My Profile

  3. Cherri Megasko

    I’m usually not a fan of these kinds of tours, but I have to admit … these views (photos) are amazing! Happy moments indeed!
    Cherri Megasko recently posted…The Bandanna: My Most Valuable Travel AccessoryMy Profile

    • Cherrie it was not really a trip, rather and organised activity or as I would called an amazing experience! Aren’t experiences what we travel for? I would do it million times again and again! Well worth it!
      Marysia recently posted…Out and about in PortsmouthMy Profile

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