Friday Lens Affair #97

Cargese Corsica

This week I’m featuring quiet monochromic photograph from Cargese in Corsica. Taken by Elena Prokopets from Elena’s Travelgram.

Elena is a wanderer and a travel writer who currently is settling, as an expat, in France and continue to get lost in various places around the globe. You can follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter.

Picture Story: View from Cargese Corsica

The picture was taken nearby Cargese Corsica. I was accompanying my significant other at the conference. While he was spending the afternoon in lecture hall, I was wandering around Cargese and just caught this amazing view.

The best time to travel to Corsica is early May or late September. Both are slightly off season and you won’t encounter that many travellers around. Which is what I’m always looking for.

Cargese is about an hour drive from Ajaccio – a popular destination for holiday makers and beach lovers. Once being a home to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Corsica is very different from the mainland France. The locals prefer to speak their own language ‘corsu’ – a mixture of French and Italian with a peculiar sounding. French is commonly spoken too, though.

The Corsicans have their own soccer team. Though it’s not recognized by international football organizations like FIFA and probably no one outside of France knows about it… Don’t you dare saying that FC Lyon is better, or any other team to be precise!

There are legends about local mafia going around. Some of them are surely exaggerated, yet the primary meaning of the word “mafia” is family. And the Corsicans value their community and aren’t big fans of foreigners.

If you’d like to buy any sort of property on the island – you need to live here at least 5 years before that. There isn’t a law saying that, but you’ll never get accepted by the locals and there are chances that your house will be set on fire. (I hope those are just rumours).

You can admire the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Solitary beaches, hidden in tiny bays and surrounded by terracotta hills and sloppy emerald green mountains, yet don’t forget that you are guest here.

So grab your glass of the local wine, sit down and enjoy the serene beauty around you!


5 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #97

  1. Craig

    Corsica is so beautiful, I would love to visit it the next time I’m in the France/Italy area. Great photo Elena!
    Craig recently posted…8 Fun Date Night Ideas Boston AreaMy Profile

    • It really is, I have only been there once and very briefly, in the Bonifacio and I totally agree, it is beautiful!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #97My Profile

  2. Elena

    Marysia, I’ve totally missed it :( Thanks again for having my pic featured!
    Elena recently posted…20 Incredible Places To Visit In FranceMy Profile

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