Friday Lens Affairs 172

Today I’m featuring a photograph of Tara Harrison stilt fishing in Sri Lanka.

Tara is a writer behind ShaTara Blog while the shot was taken by her partner Shab. Do follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: Stilt fishing – Sri Lanka

Being a long time vegetarian (and new vegan) this photo is quite ironic. I am not one for fishing for pleasure let alone for food. Controversial ethical choices and inflammatory images aside…. If you look a little closer, I think these fishermen must be vegetarians too!

Not one of us has a line or a hook on these rods! Or should I say, on our deceiving bamboo sticks! These gentlemen are keeping an age-old Sri Lankan tradition alive just for the happy-snapping-tourists of our modern era.

They sit for hours on end, pretending to fish with their sticks, so that tourists can get the coveted ‘Traditional Sri Lankan Fisherman Photo” that graced the cover of the last Lonely Planet guide.

They charged us the equivalent of $5 to take their photos and an extra $10 for both of us to jump up on the stilts to get in on the action- letting all of their secrets out in the process!

This is one tourist trap I was happy to fall into. I am glad they charge tourists for a happy snap instead of trying to make money from their fishing that would realistically only be conducted to please foreign photographers.

Although, something tells me they wouldn’t be all that successful if they chose to go back to the former anyway! ;) No one ate fish for lunch on this day, that’s for sure.

Side note: I’m myself saw real stilt fishing in Sri Lanka, but you have to get out a bit of a tourist track, those close to Galle are indeed there only for pictures :)

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4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affairs 172

  1. Texan

    Wow, it sure looks like you are fishing but that’s nice of them to charge for that kind of picture. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Melody

    Loved the post and the pic!

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