Friday Lens Affair #171

Five Pavilion Bridge, Yanghzou, China

Today I’m hosting this striking image of the Five Pavilion Bridge taken by Steven Jackson from They Get Around Blog.

Steven is a young Australian traveller with a passion for travel photography. One of the lovely duo running the blog.

Steve & Lexi are two crazy kids hoping to make the most of their time in the world. Do follow their affairs on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo Story: Five Pavilion Bridge, Yangzhou

The Five Pavilion Bridge in Yangzhou, China is the town’s most iconic landmark. Tourists come from all around to visit the area.

The bridge is situated in a beautiful park called Slender West Lake with a lake running through the middle.

The park is quite large and has many different gardens and scenic areas but really comes to life in spring.

At the change of seasons from winter to spring, the park is littered with cherry blossom trees.

They transform the park and make it all the more special. Not that you can see it in this photo, but flowers of all colours line the walkways of the park.

I spent the day with friends photographing cherry blossom trees and as it was an exhausting long day we sat by the lake to relax and witness the sunset.

The viewing spot for the bridge is accessed by a long, narrow walkway that stretches out over the water. Here is the perfect spot to take in the sunset.

We were lucky enough to capture this blistering orange sunset as it set just behind the bridge.

Stunning sunsets can be a bit of a rare occurrence in China, but when they do occur they usually are worth the wait.

Often you’ll see fog filling up the sky allowing no colour except for the sun itself; but sometimes, on clear days like these the fog breaks and the colours from the sunset escape across the sky. Such was the case this evening.

This image to me feels quintessential China and due to it showcases China as the exotic and stunning beauty it is.

I think this is so fitting, as everything here is so crazy – but occasionally you’ll catch these moments where you realise how much beauty there is around you.

That’s what I really want to show people about China, you’ve heard of all the weird but I want to show you the wonderful.

Five Pavillon Bridge or Wuting Bridge is a showy, stylish and novel composition that is unrivaled in China.

It was built in 1757 across a narro inlet on the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou on the back of the Liangxing Temple.

The Wuting (Five Pavillions) was formally called Lotus Flower Bridge because its resemblance to the open petals of the lotus flower.

The Slender West Lake‘s southern end is near the northwestern corner of Yangzhou’s historic city center (the former walled city).

From this point, the Erdaohe Canal runs south, along the western edge of the former walled city to the Hehuachi (“Lotus Pond”) at the old city’s southwest corner; the Hehuachi is in its turn connected by the short Erdaogou Canal with the Old Grand Canal of China.

Another canal, Huchenghe (“the City Moat”) runs east from the Slender West Lake’s southern end; at its eastern end, it also connect to the Old Grand Canal.

A parallel canal farther to the north, the Caohe, connects the Slender West Lake with the Old Grand Canal as well.

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