Colours of Winter in Trentino


The Dolomites, Les Dolomites, Los Dolomitas, Italian Alps, Dolomity, Dolomiti or however you call them in your language are the most beautiful mountains in Italy if not the world!

I’m totally in love with Trentino region of Italy and been there numerous times. Here are some beautiful pictures of Dolomites from my August trip, and some great itinerary if you are looking to visit this summer.

But let’s talk winter in Trentino. It is such a beautiful time of the year to visit the Dolomites. I always choose March, because it has the best of both worlds, winter in full swing, perfect skiing and snowshoeing conditions and sun, a lot of sun! Yes, it is the sunny side of the alps!

Even if the weather is not the best, as you will see in some of my pictures it is still overwhelmingly beautiful and you can be sure next day sun will come up 100%, because out of 10 days, 8 of them is sunny!

Here come the most beautiful pictures of winter in Trentino, Italy!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

This time I went with my boyfriend and we started in Monte Bondone – ski resort right above Trento. The day when we went snowshoeing with Scuola Italiana Sci Fondo Viote the visibility wasn’t the best but the morning was purely magical.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

So here is happy me – the biggest winter lover you have ever met in your life!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

The rest of our time in Monte Bondone weather was just perfect, we enjoyed more skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

And even when the weather is not the greatest, there is so much to do, after all, you are in Italy.

You can go visit Trento, admire the beautiful architecture, eat well, have a great aperitivo.

Trento is among 20 Northern Italy cities you need to visit and I’m not surprised about it, it is awfully charming, even in winter.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

And do not miss the beautiful Buonconsiglio Castle. Hint: best views over Trento are from the top logia of the castle.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Or enjoy the superb Museum of Science – MUSE.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

One day we decided to take a very picturesque road trip from Monte Bondone to Val di Non through beautiful lakes and castles.

The biggest surprises of the road trip were Castle Belfort with its marvellously mysterious and beautiful ruins…

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Castle Madruzzo with its spectacular mountain backdrop…

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Lake Molveno where I have seen my best reflection effect ever… no wonder it is called the most beautiful lake in Italy.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

And last but not least St Romedio Sanctuary, pilgrimage shrine build on the high rock in the middle of the gorge not far away from Cles.

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

After we reached beautiful Val di Non we decided to stay there for a couple of days and explore a bit more!

We stayed in the cutest small Italian village in the most charming hotel, not only they had the best waiter I ever met – Roberto and a food to die for but the owner took us for snowshoeing adventure with his dog!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

It doesn’t get any better than a sunset in the mountains in winter! Trentino I will always love you for being fun and oh so beautiful!

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

Winter in Trentino Dolomites Italy

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And do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding Trentino or Dolomites Italy. More than happy to chat!

Cheers, Marysia


  Most Beautiful Pictures of Trentino, Italy

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12 thoughts on “Colours of Winter in Trentino

  1. Saigon Oanh


    As a backpacker, I always appreciate such blog. This blog really inspired me deeply and I would love to visit the Dolomites, Italy. I have heard a lot about the place and seriously this is on the top of my travel bucket list.

    • Hello Dear, I’m really happy to read your words. Dolomites are seriously some of the most beautiful mountains I have seen in my life, and I have seen quite a few of them :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 205My Profile

  2. Natalie Byrnes

    Hello Marysia,
    My husband and I are traveling to the dolomite area for 2 weeks in January and I was hoping you could tell me the name of the hotel you stayed in Val di Non. OUr first week will be in the Corvara area then we have an open itinerary for a week right now. Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Cheers Natalie

  3. The Dolomites is a fantastic travel destination! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rohit Singh

    Thanks for the great job you have done.

  5. Reshmaty

    Loved the post, Marysia. The pictures look amazing.. you are right.. these do look like the most beautiful mountains in the world..

  6. Kesari

    This was a really interesting post, thanks for sharing your travel experience.

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