Orange – A Dutch Fling

Orange Amphitheater, France

On our way back to Switzerland we are stopping in Orange which owes its fame to outstanding Roman monuments. As soon as You find yourself in the city it seems like in the heart of Roman civilization.

An astonishing Triumphal Arch. Symbol of imperial glory standing majestically with its three arcs over the city. And the outstanding Ancient Theater build on natural lie of land. Its step terraces knows as ‘cavea’ are resting directly upon Colline St Eutrope Hill.

Truly spectacular. Best preserved Roman theater in the world and the only one with original stage walls. Orange is a city of history, art and culture, of exceptional historical heritage.

Orange’s Old Town looks more like a little Provencal village. Somehow alluring with its lavender shops and terrace cafes in shade of plane trees. Perfect for strolling after a tour in the theater and a great lunch in Au Petit Patio Restaurant.

Choregies d’Orange Festival

Every summer from 1902 Choregies d’Orange Festival with an incredible program of opera and classical music performances is held here. Thanks to theater’s excellent acoustics seeing ‘Tosca’ or ‘Faust’ in  this striking setting must be a magical expereince.

A Festival which included such classics as Puccini’s ‘La Boheme’, Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’, ‘Otello’ and ‘La Traviata’ and Bizet’s ‘Carmen’. It is the biggest in the country and attracts music-lovers from around the world. I guess I have another thing to add to my bucket list. “New Chorégies” started in 1971 and is as successful as its ancestor.

This city from which first Dutch King is originally from is our last stop in Provence. Traveling ‘a la Provencal’ was a sensual. Sauntering. Heart and soul seducing experience. As we drive away I think I will never forget its apple – green vineyards, Matisse – designed chapels, medieval villages and fruit markets selling fresh apricots.

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