Budapest – A Secret Party

Budapest, HungaryBudapest is a booming cultural metropolis where history and the contemporary both blend with a cosmopolitan flair.

It is a city of cafes, impressive architecture, thermal baths and the amazing Danube. According to the words of the great poet Attila József, “embraces the past, present and future”.

I like this city a lot and been here more than a few times over the past 10 years. I love wandering around. Spending lazy days disputing European politics with friends in numerous cafes. Or taking it easy with a glass of Tokay wine or exquisite Palinka after a dinner.

It’s a striking place which I would rank next to Paris or Rome as one of the greatest capitals in Europe. With a bonus in shape of dozens of thermal and medical baths which make Budapest a perfect place to relax in hot sulphur waters.

A visit to its famous Szechenyi Baths is a must. There is no trip to the city without it, it’s like not having truly been to Budapest.

Not many know that Budapest is a city of music, from the classics of Bartók and Kodály to the contemporary fusion of folk, klezmer, jazz, and Gypsy sounds.

The classical scene is booming here, and getting last minute tickets for any show at the Hungarian State Opera is like trying to grow bananas in Finland! Book months in advance, it doesn’t matter if it’s the opera, ballet or just a concert.

This beautiful combination of two cities with their amazing landmarks, charming cobbled streets and lovely vistas is best appreciated from the hilly Buda or from the river side of Pest.

I personally most appreciate it over a sumptuous steam in the Gellert Bath or a strong coffee and a rich creamy cake in the chandelier-lit Gerbeaud Cafe, which is the city’s oldest.

It spreads its tables into Vorosmarty Square and becomes the perfect place to watch the world going by. If you want something less touristy, walk to the Gerloczy Cafe, the best breakfast place in the city.

This time I’m here with my Italian Team, Miss Earring and Mr Eight, due to a very special occasion.

Secret Party in Budapest!

A Secret Birthday Party of a friend of mine, we came here to rock this city big time and out-party ourselves.

Even though Budapest has a long tradition of a crazy nightlife buzzing with ‘once in a lifetime’ parties (I still remember the famous Sziget Festival night in 2007!). It was a classic! But there is more than plenty of reason why this story shouldn’t go public so let’s leave that hidden deep in my memory.

“Live to party” is the ethos of the young, fashion-conscious ‘Budapesters’. Bars, clubs, kerteks (garden bars) and floating lounges fill up every night of the week.

Multitudinous clubs like A38, Mix, Symbol, Mokka Cuka, White Angel or Suss Fel Nap. Bars like Negro, Fat Mo’s, Spoon, Tabu or The Garden will keep you occupied for weeks! But if you fancy something more bohemian stroll down the Jewish District’s artfully decadent courtyards.

I had an amazing time here again, two spectacular nights to remember filled with outstanding dinners, crowded clubs, the company of friends and champagne bottles popping every few minutes. That’s what party bears like best.

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15 thoughts on “Budapest – A Secret Party

  1. Mick

    Hi Maria!
    Great read! 100% accurate about Budapest being compared to the Paris of the east!

    Happy travels!
    Mick recently posted…8 Tapas and Paella Restaurants to Try in BarcelonaMy Profile

  2. Claudia

    I have been to Budapest twice. Once in May, and the weather was truly gorgeous and sunny, once in January, and it was snowing. Both times it was fascinating!

  3. Gabor Kovacs

    I was so glad to read that you had great experiences in Budapest, and you like my capital! It’s really an amazing city especially when beauty, cultural and nightlife is concerned! As for many of us who are from the countryside, people are not our favorite part of the city, too many people unpatient people rushing towards work and never give you a smile. I was really happy when I read the good vibes of this post!
    Gabor Kovacs recently posted…A very special Carnival in SitgesMy Profile

  4. Escape Hunter

    Awesome city, indeed… But they should spend a bit more on restoring old buildings. Many of them are soooo worn down and decaying. Some even have bullet holes on their walls from World War 2. It’s sad to see they’re still in the same condition in the 21st century.

  5. Adnan Kekhia

    During my last time in Europe I met a lot of people who been in Budapest and all were talking great things about it. Especially the night life. And now reading this article as well made me thinking seriously about including it in my list next time I am in Europe!!

    • You so should, Budapest is a truly great city, not only for partying. It has huge cultural and historical heritage and you can smell this in the air!
      Marysia recently posted…#MTAnews: I’m off again!My Profile

  6. We loved our time in Budapest, so many good wines, Tokaji and Kekfrankos were our favourites. Must get back there.
    A Cook Not Mad (Nat) recently posted…Delicious Pizza at HomeMy Profile

  7. Chels

    You have made me really interested in coming here! Would love to experience the night life ;)

    • My Travel Affairs

      Nightlife is spectacular here Chels but this city has so much more to offer, it is difficult to be bored over there!

  8. My Travel Affairs

    Oh Sweetheart, it was a great trip. I do always have a great time when I visit Budapest, can’t wait till next time! :)

  9. Silvia

    Partytimeeeeeee…I’m happy that one of my cities gave you such a good combination, the mixture of old passion and new style…the city is called ‘a small Paris’…I love it…and every day still finding out some new gorgeous little spots…

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