Annecy Lake and the Swans Island


Annecy is an amazing blend of French cuisine, Italian climate and Swiss mountainous background. Beautifully nestled around the northwestern end of Lake Annecy. Dissected by ancient canals and streams distributing water to the Fier River.

The medieval town centre of Annecy was built around a 14th Century Chateau. It is a mix of lovely cafes. Stony bridges. Medieval house and streets perfect for strolling for hours.

We are staying just next to the Chateau. The view from my window is breathtaking. Red – tiled rooftops seems to slide down into the lake. The bright azure tones of the water. So unusual for raw Alpine environment. Evoke more off a tropical feel, if not white mountain peeks I would have to double check if I’m still in France.

The Venice of Savoy is very walkable and awfully romantic. Every corner hides a plaza with a opulent monument, some buildings facades seems hand – embroidered.

Cafes, ice-cream shop, lively restaurants and vine bars takes over every square meter of all ground floors in area of Palais de l’Isle. Which after Eiffel Tower is most photographed building in France. Name seems very confusing. Taking in consideration that it looks like a fortification with bulky walls, no wonder it served as a prison during WWII.

Annecy and Olimpics Games

Day of our visit falls at the Winter Olympics Games 2018 bid’s decision day. Even though chic Haute-Savoie capital didn’t win. After a walk over a picturesque lake with a Swan Island in the middle we head off to European Gardens for a big concert.

The local cuisine marked by different influences is a delicious mix of traditional mountain dishes and modern approach. After some difficulties with Mr Wrong’s phone navigation claiming that our restaurants is in the middle of the train tracks outside old train station. We are spending a great evening in the local restaurant. It was definitely worth being lost.

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  1. Annecy is just beautiful! I love a Swiss view!
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