Friday Lens Affair #169

Dancing ladies, Arequipa, Peru

Today I’m featuring a lovely shot from Arequipa in Peru taken by Naomi from Probe around the Globe Blog. Check her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

I chose to host this image as I have never been in Peru myself but I constantly find myself drawn to pictures from this lovely country, I think it is time to visit soon.

Photo Story: Dancing ladies, Arequipa, Peru

I just arrived in Arequipa, Peru the night before. I didn’t feel too well dealing with the altitude so I wanted to take things easy. My plan was, to go out and try to find the Santa Catalina Convent and spend the morning there.

As soon as I walked down the steps of my hostel, I heard a noise from outside. When I reached the street, I saw a parade with a whole band and a lot of dancers. They were slowly passing by. I acted quickly and rushed past the people watching, to try to get to the head of the parade.

They would be going to the Plaza de Armas which was close, so rushed there. I sat in the middle of the plaza, right in front of the church, as the parade reached the square. I grabbed my camera and sat down.

As soon as I saw the swaying of the skirts of the ladies, I had this picture in my head. The church in the background, the colourful dresses swaying from left to right and the Peruvian people dancing in the streets.

After the first wave of dancing was over, I looked for the shade. I didn’t take things easy at all as I was planning. One of the dancing ladies came sit next to me in the shade and she told me, they were from Chivay. Not far from Arequipa.

They were dancing because of the Virgin of Chivay. I was such a lucky encounter and I was very happy I left my hostel at the right moment, to catch the parade.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #169

  1. Beautiful colours and capture!
    Theresa Huse recently posted…Linkup Party: Inspiration Spotlight Party 218 Crafts, DIY, Recipes & More! Join Us!My Profile

  2. E

    Absolutely stunning, what an experience!
    Happy Wordless Wednesday :)

    Come and check out my Wordless Wednesday too :)

  3. What a beautiful shot! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Jim ~ ReflectionsEnroute recently posted…On A Quest For The Perfect SouvenirMy Profile

  4. Yogi

    Great timing on your shot. Kudos to you for seeing an opportunity and taking it.

  5. Love those twirling colourful skirts. They remind me of the (white) robes of the whirling dervishes in Turkey.

  6. Wonderful shot – so much joy in the dance.

  7. How lovely! I’m glad you saw that and shared it with us.

  8. Luv how the swirl of music seeps into your photo

    much love…

    • Thank you, that was my intention

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