From the Road: Baku – Qusar

The first post from this series will be about getting from Baku – Qusar/Gusar!

For a while, I have been thinking about starting a new series on my blog. I already host Friday Lens Affair and Things You Didn’t Know. Now the time has come for a new one!

Info, logistics & schedules Box

All the buses/marshrutkas are leaving from the Baku Main Bus Station, where you can arrive by metro (get out on the Avtovağzal Metro Station) or by taxi.

Find the Qusar/ Gusar/ Кцlар stand, the marshrutkas are leaving every 30 mins from 7.30 to the last bus at 18.15. It is a 3h drive.

Ticket price: 4 AZN(4 manats)

You can confirm this information on the Baku International Bus Terminal website.

Read more about my bus ride from Baku to Qusar below.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Introducing “From the Road” series!

I’m a bit weird, but you all know that by now, OCD is not helping haha

I love any kind of public transportation, the weirder the better. Zemi-john in Benin, marshrutka in Kazakhstan, shared taxis somewhere in Asia.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

You would ask why? Let’s hire a private driver, who will take us from the point A to point B in a more or less comfortable way, who will take care of our luggage and will speak English.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

But this way you are missing on a lot of interactions with local people which often are the most precious memories from travels.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

I take many pictures from the taxis, marshrutkas, tuk-tuks and any other possible form of transportation.

And maybe they are not all that beautiful and ‘set up’ as pictures from my desired destination. But they are a core, a base and the reality of the countries I visit, that is why I want to show it to you.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku – Qusar Journey

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

In today’s “From the Road” I want to show you pictures from a 3h journey in marshrutka from Baku to Qusar.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

It was a very sunny, hot day I would say. 30 people altogether, 6 (luckily) quiet little kids. Everybody with their belongings, including my 23kg bag.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

One little break for a quick tea. Oh, people here love ‘cay’- tea. I do not say you should expect to get it everywhere for free. But so far I didn’t actually pay for many.

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

Baku - Qusar - From the Road, Azerbaijan

More about Azerbaijan here. Like what you read? Love pictures from the road? Tell me about it! Do you love this post? Feel free to share it!

Cheers, Marysia

Azerbaijan Interesting Facts  

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44 thoughts on “From the Road: Baku – Qusar

  1. Travel Croatia

    Beautiful county! Thank you for making it more closer for us! I went to Baku for European games last year but I didn’t feel everything from your photos. You made me close with Azerbaijan culture and habits!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Travel Croatia recently posted…OSIJEK CITY GUIDEMy Profile

  2. Travis

    Great post! I honestly love these types of photos – you’re totally right, they capture the true “feeling” of the country. We often find that these are the photos we look back at the most, and the ones that always bring a smile to our face. Thanks for sharing and safe travels.
    Travis recently posted…Beautiful BC from A to Z: K is for Kermode BearMy Profile

  3. Great photos and idea for a series!
    Ashley recently posted…B is for Battlefields : Civil War Sites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee #AtoZChallengeMy Profile

  4. Caitlyn

    What a great idea for a post! Looks like your entertainment was definitely outside the window that day :)
    Caitlyn recently posted…Beyond the Anne Frank HuisMy Profile

    • It always is, I love to observe the world from the bus, train, taxi, all possible public transportations :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  5. What a fascinating place and what wonderful photographs! You truly captured the essence of this place!
    Lauren recently posted…Aruba Video – Snorkeling and Exploring OranjestadMy Profile

  6. Phoebe

    That is just the kind of travel I love. I don’t get to do it so much any more but used to explore the world like this. I’d love to take this trip. Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Phoebe recently posted…St Tropez – opening soonMy Profile

    • I hope to do it till end of my days this way, but who knows, maybe at some point you are tired of yet another sweaty road trip :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  7. Megan

    Wow. Great glimpses of real life and completely *not* what I expected. Did you buy a watermelon and add it to all your luggage?
    Megan recently posted…Isola di San Michele: Venice’s Island of the DeadMy Profile

    • Megan believe me I love watermelons, my favourite fruits but after 3 months in the Caucasus reason you stop being so excited about them ha ha ha It maybe a little unexpected but this is kind of travel I love!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  8. So jealous of your travels here, what a fascinating place! Love your photos too! :)

    • Emma no reason to be jealous, so put it on your bucket list to :) Azerbaijan is an amazing country!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  9. What a great idea, Marysia! And you are so right about being ready to embrace the adventure and just take less convenient “roads” when travelling. Love your photos! On a side note: Waiting a decent hour (at least 11 am) so I can have that daily dose of wine as any serious member of Bloggers Wine Club should do.
    frankaboutcroatia recently posted…Plitvice Lakes Croatia: Journey through photosMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot, that is my thing, those kind of travels! And lets be relaxed about all those rules, you know what English say, for sure there is 11am somewhere on the world already ha ha ha :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  10. I love road trips and this looked like a long one but adventurous I’m sure. BTW, hope you can also join us and link up Mondays on Travel Photo Mondays, the link is up for the whole week.
    noelmorata recently posted…Split, Croatia – the most photo worthy spots to visitMy Profile

  11. What a great set of images. It really gives you a sense of the journey. At first glance at your picture of the tea, I thought it was jello! Probably a good thing that its not.
    Adelina recently posted…Chasing Mozart in Austria – From Birth to DeathMy Profile

    • I guess it is rather good it was not a jello, but why not, a tea jello can be sth to try next time!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  12. Kadri

    Love the pictures, brings the vibration about local life. I would love to go there one day, it seems different and inviolate at the same time, and I think not very many tourists go there as well.

    • Indeed, not so many get to go there, and it is truly an amazing region, totally unspoiled! :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #58My Profile

  13. Escape Hunter

    Azerbaijan is evolving rapidly. I was astonished to see the latest panoramic photos of Baku. Haven’t been yet. Perhaps you know the feeling of how it is there…
    I see they have a major melon industry :)

    • Baku was crazy, I shall write about it very very soon :) But rest of the country looks like those pictures! Very far away from evolving! It is only Baku that is all shiny and dazzling!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #51My Profile

  14. jill

    Oh funny.. I was just reading about Azerbaijan trying to decide if I should try to squeeze it in after my visit to Armenia. The visa requirement is kind of strict… did you have to get a hotel reservation mailed along w/ your visa application?
    jill recently posted…Why Parker Ridge is Our Favorite Day Hike in the Canadian RockiesMy Profile

    • Yes Jill I had to have hotel and flight confirmed and send it over with an online form. Even though they are quiet strict before once you are there they are super nice people :) Azerbaijan is quiet spectacular, I didn’t have time to add pictures yet as I’m on the road for one and half month and still one and half to come, currently in GeorgiA, would recommend everyone to visit Azerbaijan. It can be problematic with Armenian stamp in the passport but I have met several people who crossed the border without any problem. Katie Anue did as well.
      I can contact you with a man who can help you with visa, he is a superb man who has a guesthouse in Sheki. Let me know, he helped many tourists.
      Not me personally but I have been staying at his place as he is really helpful.
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #28My Profile

  15. Conrad

    I love how you took those photos. And I agree. It’s like a behind the scene of a Bond movie. I’ll add Azerbadjan on my travel list.

  16. Ruben

    Hello, you should come to Armenia as well, it is an amazing place!

    • I’m actually planning on visiting Armenia after Georgia! Have heard a lot of good things! Can’t wait!

  17. No problem :) After watching the photos I want to go there so badly…
    Tom L recently posted…Polish Countryside and Meadows – Wildflower PhotographyMy Profile

    • Wait two days when I will load all the pictures from Azerbaijan! Not that I want to tease you! Ha ha ha It is really great here!

  18. Great photos and article! I love Caucasus region, I haven’t visited Azerbaijan yet but I definitely have to! Thanks for sharing, you’ve got an amazing blog!
    Tom L recently posted…Ollantaytambo, Peru – The stop between Cuzco and Machu PicchuMy Profile

  19. Alina Popescu

    Wow, I just love your shots! This seems like an awesome adventure
    Alina Popescu recently posted…Travel Photo of the Day: Tower BridgeMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot Alina, it really is! Today I’m in Kolkhoz called Ivanovka, probably the last real and still cooperating in the whole world! Ha ha ha, like Soviet times! :)
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Voodoo in OuidahMy Profile

  20. Hogga

    it looks so damn hot there hahah but very nice!
    Hogga recently posted…Honging the KongMy Profile

    • Hey Hogga, it is generally quiet hot here, except the mountainous village of Laza where I spend couple of nights! But It was so beautiful that it was worth it despite the weather!
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…From the Road: Baku – QusarMy Profile

  21. Shaun

    Great idea & your pics are amazing! I like the watermelon stand the most for some reason.

    p.s. I love bond movies!
    Shaun recently posted…Istanbul Not ConstantinopleMy Profile

    • I love the watermelon stand as well, it is a season for them now, so sweet! :) Glad you liked the idea, hopefully people will be willing to participate!
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…From the Road: Baku – QusarMy Profile

  22. Malin

    Love your pics, so cool! Cannot believe that you are in Azerbadjan, could almost be like in a Bond movie….

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