Big Island Dream Locations

Big Island Dream Locations to stay!

I remember the first time I learned about Hawaii and Hawaiian culture at the Aloha Festival Polska. I must admit I found it extremely charming, interesting and inspiring. It was run under “Touch the heart of Hawaii” slogan. And it did work, the other way, however. The Hawaii touched my heart.

There was the ceremony of waking the sun, workshops of Hula Kumu Kuwalu dance and, numerous shows and lectures and documentary movies. I especially loved “Keepers of the Fire” documentary.

All this experience made me consider to visit Hawaii, apparently, all those who were there are totally in love. For that reason, I spoke a lot with all Hawaiian people and they told me what are the best places to hang around to experience beautiful and authentic Big Island. And look at those views, who wouldn’t like to wake up to this?

So let’s start and reveal Big Island dream locations to stay!

Big Island Dream Locations

Kohala and North Kohala Coast

Rugged lava fields and some of the best island’s resorts and luxurious villas nestled amongst the jet-black and rust-red lava rock fields, a result of eruptions from Hualalai volcano centuries ago. All covered in Green! What else one needs!

Here you will find Hapuna Beach – one of the largest white sand beaches on Hawaii Island. The Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve and the largest and last heiau (temple) in Part of the National Park System and Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site.

North Kohala brings a dramatic change in the surroundings as you travel beyond dazzling resorts, golf courses and lava landscapes of the South Kohala to the lush, undeveloped pastoral lands. North Kohala is a beautiful area featuring the charming town of Hawi and the very famous and amazing Pololu Valley Overlook.

Big Island Dream Locations

Kona District

Here you will find everything from coffee farms to historic Hawaiian landmarks, one of them being the site where the first westerner, Captain James Cook, landed on the island.

Kona’s calm and clear waters are perfect for snorkelling, diving, spotting dolphins and green sea turtles. So if you are a fan of diving with big manta rays and other underwater creatures that should be your spot.

Big Island Dream Locations


A region blessed with dramatic waterfalls, fertile rainforests and blooming gardens. Natural wonders here including Waianuenue, also known as Rainbow Falls and Boiling Pots in Wailuku River State Park.

Many botanical gardens and orchids farms, as well as the only in Hawaii Rainforest Zoo, if you are an animal and plant enthusiast this is a region for you. Look no further.

Big Island Dream Locations


You love art, you like to chill out and great vibes Puna is your place. A charming rainforest town is known for its glass blowing and art galleries. Nestled within the forest at the 4,000-foot elevation. This area offers a refreshing contrast to the beaches of West Hawaii and the hot, barren volcanic landscape just a few miles away. Puna’s most dramatic destination is Kalapana. In 1990, lava from Kilauea engulfed this historic town and the black sand beach at Kaimu. Definitely, something to see.

Big Island Dream Locations


Vast, rural and remote, Hawaii Island’s southernmost region, Kau, seems almost untouched by civilization except around the small communities of Naalehu and Pahala. In this area, you’ll discover things have moved along at a pace all their own.

To main attractions here is Ka Lae which is believed to be the point where the first Polynesians landed on Hawaii and one of the most famous black sand beaches – Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii Island.

Big Island Dream Locations

Hamakua Coast

This area of Big Island holds the sacred Waipio Valley was the boyhood home of King Kamehameha I, and an important centre for political and religious life in Hawaii. Not only is “The Valley of the Kings” an important site for Hawaiian history and culture, it’s also a place of dramatic tropical beauty. Hamakua Heritage Corridor is a lookout to see scenic overlooks, waterfalls, botanical gardens and small towns.

Big Island Dream Locations

It seems like it is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and each of us should give it a go sooner than later. You can find best Big Island Vacation Rentals via Luxury Retreats which offer some spectacular villas around the island, here is just one of the examples!

Now that you found out what are Big Island dream locations to stay you need to know few things before you pack and go!

Getting to Big Island

It is best to travel to Kona International Airport (KOA) or Hilo International Airport (ITO). There is also the option of flying into Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu first and then taking a short, 35-40 minute flight to the island of Hawaii. And that flight can be actually an advantage for those who love those magical aerial views from your plane window.

Major air carriers from the U.S. and Canada fly directly into Kona and some seasonal ones into Kona and Hilo. The best tip anybody will ever give you is: fly into one airport and fly out from the other, this way you will explore both parts of the island which is a must!

Travellingg on the Big Island

All things considered, the best option is renting a car, so you have a freedom of deciding where you what time you want to go every single day. Almost all car companies have their representative offices in both airports but always book upfront, there is a car available upon arrival without previous reservation.

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Big island Dream Locations     Big island Dream Locations

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