Bodrum – Monte Carlo of the Aegean


Bodrum, Turkey

Author and poet Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli said. “Don`t you dare to hope that you will leave as you came. Like many others before you have done. They all have left while their minds stayed in Bodrum”.

And another quote. “I have travelled the whole world but found nothing in heaven or earth as beautiful as the Aegean”. I tend to agree with those words.

Bodrum is an amazing. Unforgettable place on Turkish Riviera. It’s a town of white houses. Purple bougainvilleas flowers. Olive-green hillsides. Dazzling blue bay. Medieval castle.

Whether entering the town by land or sea. One cannot help to but be struck! By a sturdy presence of this fortress. Built by Knights of Rhodes in the 15th century. During the crusades of the middle ages.

I had an advantage of being on the boat every day. It gave a chance to see whole peninsula. The only right way to fully admire it.

It’s a perfect place for sailing. The beauty of green hills. Greek Islands seen from the distance. Water which sparkles with thousand shades of blue and green.

I had a panoramic view over whole town, bay and marina from my hotel. Especially beautiful over the sunset. I will never forget it.

The city has many historical attractions. Including the stumpy foundation of the Mausoleum. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

But my personal favourites are the windmills overlooking the Bodrum peninsula. Facing northwest, to catch the coastal winds. Made of stone and lined with wooden slabs. 

Although the times of their greatness are long gone. They still rest on the surrounding hills separating  Bodrum from Gumbet.

It is a fantastic place for panorama views. Especially at night. On one side you have a stunning view of Bodrum. On the other one a glorious view of Gumbet.

Bodrum’s Underwater Archeology Museum

Another fascinating attraction is the Underwater Archeology Museum. Devoted to underwater archeology. The Museum displays objects recovered from the sea. An outstanding collection of glass crockery and amphoras. Along with illustrations of the methods and equipment used by the underwater archaeologists.

Thanks to taking diving course at one of them; I have got a chance to see everything after closing hours. Maybe it’s hard to imagine but there is nothing more difficult in Bodrum then getting up early in the morning.

And last but not least is Marina. It is a beating heart of Bodrum’s life. And the oldest marina in Turkey. Restaurants. Bars. Clubs. Shops. Everything is happening right here.

Take a stroll along to see all kind of magnificent yachts and little fisherman boats.

Never ever refuse an invite for a glass of raki on the deck.

3 thoughts on “Bodrum – Monte Carlo of the Aegean

  1. Iga Motylska

    Can’t wait to visit one day! :)
    Iga Motylska recently posted…Put Foot Rally: 8 000kms, 18 days, NO limitsMy Profile

    • A lot of fun and some great memories with great people I have met there! I guess I can say that about any other Turkish place I have been :)
      Marysia recently posted…Summer Destinations of 2015My Profile

  2. Michael - Turkey Travel

    Bodrum certainly has character and a great historical timeline. I also think it is the ability to accommodate every type of holiday maker that makes it popular.

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