Bodrum’s Nightlife Craze


Bodrum's Nightlife, Turkey

Bodrum’s Nightlife is super super crazy. You have been warned.

Everyone has a different Bodrum of their own. For some it is one of the most beautiful. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan holiday’s resort in Turkey. An outstanding sailing spot for others. An ultimate summer party station for me.

Bodrum’s Nightlife Scenario!

A typical night in Bodrum always starts with an amazing dinner. One can choose from variety of options.

An evening meal on the boat with friends. Over candles. With best calamari ever cooked by Mr. Sea Urchin. A table at fancy Mimoza or even better! A local tavern in the fisherman village. Where they prepare fish you bought on the nearby market.

After we proceed to bar stage. Extraordinary Bodrum’s nightlife appeals to all tastes. Everyone will find their cup of tea here.

From rocking Korfez. Through Mavi with a great life music. To intimate cafes and shisha’s places. With magnificent views of the illuminated castle.

The laud beats from legendary Halikarnas Disco. Trendy M&M. Or crazy White House are like a siren’s song to the young.

Bodrum’s nightlife becomes excessive during peak season. And it’s most probably the only place on earth where those who drink like a fish, can party like one. On a glass-bottom Catamaran Nightclub. While sailing the pristine waters of the southern Turkey coastline.

For me bars are the real heartbeat of this town. The magical shimmer that surrounds Bodrum castle adds a certain charm to the atmosphere.

I can skip clubs. And stay here debating. Having great time with friends until end of the night. Which more or less falls at first muezzin’s call for prayers.

For many it is a wake up call. For many others it is a call to bed. This contrast perhaps signifies Bodrum’s nightlife uniqueness and diversity.

Day or night. Bodrum live up to it’s image. Even Turks ranking it as number 2 party place in Turkey. After Istanbul.

Here I have met wonderful friends of whom memories will never fade away. Mr. Budda Eyes. Already mentioned Mr. Sea Urchin. My crazy Submarine Ninja Boys. Adriana Lima Team and many others.

Hopefully stories of most outrageous parties I have outlived here. Will stay out of the public ear forever.

4 thoughts on “Bodrum’s Nightlife Craze

  1. Olielo

    Went to Bodrum several years ago. It was already a nice spot in Turkey. Now it is recognized as kind of top spots like Saint Tropez or the Croatia. Several high end hotels such as the Mandarin or the Golden Savoy have opened this year. This is a clear demonstration of that…

    • I actually much prefer it out of the season, when all the bling bling is off, it is really beautiful place!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #80My Profile

  2. Michael - Turkey Travel Centre

    So you have many stories as well! Me too! But I mostly like the seaside restaurants, good friends and a bottle of Raki. Bodrum is definitely number 2nd in Turkey for a good nightlife

    • Oh I much more prefer, seafront restaurant, friends, good food and few bottles of raki :) Yes nightlife in Bodrum is great!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #64My Profile

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