From the Road: Borjomi – Tbilisi Train

The new one ‘From the Raod Series is about Borjomi – Tbilisi Train.

As you all know this summer is devoted to the Caucasus Trip, that includes AzerbaijanGeorgia and Armenia. 

Maybe some other countries nearby, such as Iran, but let’s do not go so far into the future.

I’m here so let’s focus on Georgian part of my trip. I have spent a few days in Borjomi. Met some great Girls from Poland (yes, once again, there is way too many Polish people travelling in Georgia).

Actually, I blame the Girls for me taking this train ride Borjomi – Tbilisi and collecting all those great pictures from the road.

Info, logistics & schedules Box

Borjomi to Tbilisi Train

#617 16.45 – 21.15  Daily

#618  6.40 – 10.45   Daily

Tbilisi to Borjomi Train

#686 16.15 – 20.25  Daily

#685  7.05 – 11. 35  Daily

The train leaves from the main train station in Borjomi – Borjomi Parki. 

Ticket price: 2 GEL(2 lari), paid on the train in the ticket machine.

You can confirm this information on the Georgian rail schedule website.

Read more about my train ride from Borjomi to Tbilisi below.

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

At first, I have dismissed the idea straight away after finding out it takes 5h. Tbilisi was actually 2h away by marshrutka.

Yes, I know, you want to say: Maria, how come? Don’t you love crazy transportation and pictures from the road!?

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Indeed I do. And indeed the series is all about pictures from the road, by now I’m on the road for almost 2,5 months.

I think I was just tired. Wanted to get to Tbilisi as fast as I could. To the civilized world of fancy cafes, cool bars, sophisticated restaurants, real ice-creams and the city buzz.

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

But Girls wouldn’t listen. I have been up-voted. So I have packed and like a good girl (who would say?) showed up on the train station in Borjomi at 15.45. Exactly an hour before.

I have managed to enjoy station’s restaurant with the tables out on the actual platform before the train arrived. And I got some great pictures from the road after all. So all good!

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi – Tbilisi Train Ride

Generally, the train interior was a big surprise, the seats were very big, soft and comfy. The compartment was very spacious and they had a very cool ticket machine.

It required nothing more than putting 2GEL in. No need to press any button. No need to think hard or trying to make something out of complicated Georgian alphabet. Just put a coin in and take your ticket. Cool.

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

In Poland, which seems to be so much more developed there are almost no automatic machines to buy tickets on the trains. While buying from the conductor end up with paying an extra fee usually.

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

The views were rewarding and I really didn’t regret taking a train after all. Lucky You Girls! The countryside in the light of sun going down was mesmerizing. The stations, old railways, broken cars on the side of the stations always catch my eye and camera. So one happy Marysia indeed.

The best from a whole trip was a possibility to watch people, at the stations, outside of the houses, kids trying to race the train, passengers waiting, boarding and getting out. Priceless as an advertisement of the famous credit card would say.

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

When the sun started getting really down and there was nothing more to see outside, no more ‘pictures from the road’. I have turned my eyes into the compartment to observe and imagine stories of other travellers lives.

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

Borjomi - Tbilisi Train - From the Road, Georgia

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Cheers, Marysia

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35 thoughts on “From the Road: Borjomi – Tbilisi Train

  1. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Khashuri, about 40 minutes from Borjomi, and it is beautiful around there! I love seeing your pictures! I remember I got on one of the slow trains with some of my students one day. I thought I would pull my hair out, and we were on wooden benches. The train system has definitely improved in the past few years making it much easier for tourists!

    • Wow, that sounds amazing! I miss Georgia, would like to go back and hey benches were wooden on my trip as well but you are right it is getting much much better and convenient for tourists to travel in Georgia :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 214My Profile

  2. Sharon

    Beautiful pictures. I love reading about such random places. It looks like such a fascinating place.
    Sharon recently posted…Off the beaten track – travelling through the Guianas part 3My Profile

  3. Marilyn Jones

    I enjoyed looking at all your photos! You told the story well through your pictures!

  4. Train is the best way to go :) That ticket machine is interesting. Never seem anything quite like it before.

  5. I’ve never been in this part of the world. But I had a friend living and working in Tbilisi and heard all kind of stories from there. Train is my favorite way of travelling. Love your photos!
    frankaboutcroatia recently posted…Plitvice Lakes Croatia: Journey through photosMy Profile

    • Yes, Georgia is crazy! Ha ha ha I have some super great stories from there! After all I have spend there 6 weeks :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  6. Milene

    Well that looks like a very relaxing ride. The scenery is absolutely stunning! Love your photos, especially of the people. That’s what I love about train travel – seeing people living their lives no idea that I am or have watched them for some seconds in my life. Those two total different worlds of the one travelling in the train and the one living the life he or she has been living. I often wonder about the lives of the people I pass by in the train… love it!
    Milene recently posted…Marrakech; a nightmareMy Profile

    • That is what I love the most, observe every day life, how people go about their days. That is why I travel to observe!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  7. Erin

    That one photo of the sun setting along the side of the train is STUNNING! I have a thing for trains, collect antique postcards and ads. Really enjoyed this!
    Erin recently posted…Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival: Part 2My Profile

    • Thanks a lot Erin, I love this one as well! And yes, I love travelling by trains, but I love all possible public transportation! That is my thing :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  8. Ah, the unique European Georgia. I once had a roomate from Tbilisi and she got annoyed everytime someone at the school told her “Georgia? How come you don’t sound American?”.

    Fun fact: During the Olympic games that took place in the USA (don’t remember the exact year), the most applauded country (other than the US) was Georgia. I guess Americans really think that their Georgia is the only one in the world :o
    Raphael Alexander Zoren recently posted…The time to travel is NOWMy Profile

    • Ha ha ha Raphael that made me crack! Maybe they just love Georgia? But yes, I have a friend who live in Ireland and when he said he is going to Georgia everyone was thinking he is going to USA! Crazy!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #63My Profile

  9. Carrie

    I never got the chance to ride the train in Georgia, but I’m not surprised at all to hear that the views are gorgeous. It would be worth a hard seat just to see the landscape. Have you come across Georgian Snicker Bars yet?
    Carrie recently posted…A Story About Human TraffickingMy Profile

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  11. What a great ride! I love the view from the train at night. Lucky you to be experiencing such amazing landscape!
    Agness recently posted…Finding My Passion For Yoga In ChinaMy Profile

    • Thanks Agnes, it was a nice ride! :)

  12. Ella Rich

    Sounds great. One day I will make it happen as well!

  13. Beautiful photos! I’m about to take a train from Xining China to Lhasa on my way to Tibet. I heard it’s some of the best scenery in China…I’m super stoked. Trains have always be my preferred method to seeing the backcountry… other than hiking in by foot that is! ;-)
    Ron recently posted…Trekking to Chantanohm Banna Village in Northern LaosMy Profile

    • Oh, I’m so jealous now! I so want to go this train ride! I have hear it is amazing, one day for sure :) Hopefully sooner than later!
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #34My Profile

  14. Tom

    I was *going* to go to Georgia at the end of July, but didn’t. Now I know when I do finally make it there, that I should take the train – sounds like you had a great time! Lovely pics, too. Sometimes it pays off to spend a bit longer to get to your destination.
    Tom recently posted…Sexy Ukrainian Women… And Their ShoesMy Profile

    • Of course Tom, and I’m glad Girls didn’t give me another option ha ha ha :)

  15. Tom

    Great photos! I miss those views while I was traveling through Georgia, I miss Caucasus – lucky you, you have a chance to stay in the region so long! Now I’m waiting for a post from Armenia :)
    Tom recently posted…Herculaneum, Italy – Journey 2000 years back in timeMy Profile

    • Thanks a lot of Tom, I know that I’m very lucky, as this region is something amazing! It is one of the best trips in my life :)
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #33My Profile

  16. Jon Patrick

    Thanks again for this site. What a beautiful countryside, but most of the pictures make it seem very poor. Look forward to reading more!

    • Good observation Jon, but it is not my pictures, it is a reality. That is the mean reason of this series, no beautiful pictures edited in photo programs, taken from a right angel in a right light. Just real and raw reality.
      Georgia is a beautiful country and there will be many posts and pictures to admire its beauty, you can easily fall in love with it from a first sight but this series is a specific look into places I travel to. Glad you enjoy this post enough to want to read more :)

  17. Shaun

    Great photos!! When I see people waiting at train stations I often imagine, what their lives are like in a place like this. Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Very soon Shaun, there will be more coming. You know best how little time there is when you travel, I’m always in a backlog ha ha ha LOL

  18. Malin

    Beautiful pictures and such a thrilling read, I mean you are writing about so cool things, I feel boring reviewing yet another luxury hotel and champagne bar – almost LOL

    • Malin, you know me I love champagne and luxury, just from time to time I need to embark on some crazy journey for couple of months :) ha ha ha ha
      My Travel Affairs recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #33My Profile

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