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Today I’m hosting quiet quirky photograph taken on Buskerfest Toronto by They Guy from Flights And Frustration Blog. But you all know that I love everything quirky, surreal and weird!

The guy is a long-term international business traveller who takes international flights at least once a month from 2000. All the secret behind the name is revealed!

You can find Guy on Twitter and Facebook. And do check his other page where he interviews other travel bloggers: Travel Blogger Interviews.

Picture Story: Buskerfest Toronto, Canada

Part of my travels around the world are places which you just fall in love with immediately. Toronto is one of them for me!

It always has something exciting, unique, dynamic or just downright weird happening. Also, since I tend to stay fairly central in the city I often find myself in the middle of all events.

On my most recent visit in August 2014 the entertainment was totally free. Bonus! It was time for the annual Buskerfest Toronto! A charitable event where street performers from around the world come to town to entertain.

In recent years the event has grown to such an extent that they now close part of Yonge Street just for this occasion. Just right beside my hotel. Lucky me!

I spent 2 days walking around more than a dozen performing areas; watching people sing, juggle, throw flames, catch balls, acrobat and so much more. Following Busker tradition, you should reward acts you liked with a voluntary donation.

The main stage at the crossroads with Dundas Street was different. As each act took turns to appear here, all donations at this stage went to Epilepsy Toronto (main charitable cause of the event).

I was enjoying a local band wrap up when all of a sudden a parade of bizarrely dressed people on stilts passed just behind me. I was in a perfect position.

Armed with my new and fancy bridge camera I was keen to experiment and improve my photography. Then a jolly green giant of a performer appeared. Well to be honest there were a few of them. Not sure I’d trust them though, talk about two faced!

Primed and ready I thought I’d go for an angle different to the normal stood position. So crouching down on one knee I went for an angle to really encapsulate the magic and drama of this outfit.

Whilst I took lots of pictures of the Buskerfest Toronto that weekend, this is undoubtedly my favourite. Click here to check more pictures!

Buskerfest is the name of a traveling festivals of buskers—street performers. Buskers in the festivals visit a series of host cities each summer. Host cities often shut down one of more blocks of a prominent downtown street for the festival.

Buskerfest in Toronto. In 2016 moved to Woodbine Park in Toronto’s Beach neighborhood. Currently runs for four consecutive days, ending on Labour Day.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair 103

  1. Hi Marysia,

    Many thanks for featuring me on Friday Lens Affair. I truly love this picture and it has to be my favourite from 2014. I’m grateful that you let me share it with the world.

    If you or any of your readers get the opportunity I’d certainly recommend visiting the Toronto Buskerfest in the future, it is a fabulous weekend to experience.
    The Guy recently posted…Why are selfie sticks banned?My Profile

    • Oh I would love to visit at some point of my life, I have been to the city but never during the festival!
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair #103My Profile

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