Tossa del Mar will Charm You Up

Costa Brava is well known for its crystal clear waters and diversity of landscape. Thanks to its unique position between different mountain ranges and the sea, the coast has cliffs, remote coves, pine groves, forests, valleys and great areas of sand and beach.

However, it is not only the marvelous features of the region, but also the fact that Costa Brava has many monuments, such as ancient Roman excavation sites and a fair share of medieval architecture that makes it so appealing. Tossa del Mar is the only walled town on the coast. In a wonderful natural setting it is truly a tranquil, (still) idyllic spot in the low season.

Medieval Tossa del Mar is awfully romantic. The Old Town charms you with a labyrinth of pretty and narrow cobbled streets, beautiful squares, little bodegas and quaint cozy cafes.

The magnificent ancient castle, original city walls and watch towers dating back to the 12th century are all illuminated by night. They create an alluring and historic atmosphere while providing breathtaking views that are best enjoyed from one of the terraces on the promenade. Tossa del Mar seems to have more ‘joie de vivre’ than the other nearby towns.

The far Tossa del Mar lighthouse perched at the top of a hill in the highest point inside the old fortifications is a great place to admire Costa Brava’s spectacular steep coastline and hinterland. From the top there are terrific views of the bay and the beach.

On the way up one can discover the ruins of the late Gothic Church of Sant Vicenç and the statue of the famous Eva Gardner. Pandora and the Flying Dutchman were made here back in 1950, and pictures from those times hang in every single bar and restaurant around this old fishing village.

Tossa del Mar Rocks!

To get to Tossa del MarI took a ‘crucero’ along the rugged coast. The boat was popping in and out of the sea caves lapped by luminous waters, but the true highlight of the trip is stored in the very few minutes it lasts. While approaching Tossa del Mar you can observe the medieval walls and turrets of the Vila Vella, rising pale and shimmering on the hill above the modern town – truly amazing! I have to agree with Chagall, it is ‘the blue paradise’.

I had an amazing day in Tossa del Mar along with a private guide and Spanish teacher… a dear friend of Mr Saint, Mr Tie, took me on a motorbike ride along the coast following the winding GI-682 road.

We were supposed to try the best cava sangria in the region on the beach not far from the town, but the place was closed ;( Nevertheless, I was rewarded with great views of steeply plunging cliffs on the way and a lazy time on a gorgeously secluded and fabulously quiet beach.

What more does one need for a perfect day? Oh yes, an outstanding lunch with a great company of friends and simply delicious food. I have mentioned many times how much I love Spain. You can eat extremely well here and this is one of the many reasons for my affection.

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