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Dandelion field, Canadian Rockies, Canada

This week I’m featuring a beautiful picture of a dandelion field in the Canadian Rockies taken by Pilar Suquilvide & Jorge Pedelaborde from the El Antitour Blog.

Pilar and Jorge are obsessed with travel, writing, taking pictures and drinking mate, their country’s signature drink.

In 2015, they left home on a one-way ticket to Europe, where they visited 12 countries, dozens of cities and created countless memories

Along the way, they created a travel website to inspire Spanish-speaking readers to travel the world.

3 years later, they are on their way back home to Argentina in their renovated home on wheels with an epic journey across the American continent.

Follow their adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Story: Dandelion field, Canadian Rockies and RV

When we bought our RV last summer to travel from Canada to Argentina, we knew we would have to adapt to a very different lifestyle.

See, we had never travelled like this before and we had very little idea as to how RVing/camping worked: this was a wholly unfamiliar world to both of us.

After 2 weeks in Calgary renovating our “new” 1986 motorhome, we quickly packed everything up and headed to our first destination: the grandiose Canadian Rockies.

This is the landscape of dreams: colossal mountain peaks covered in lush pine trees and the last traces of snow came up before our eyes while we drove.

We had never seen anything like it. After a long day of driving, we arrived at what we had planned to be our inaugural campsite: a small but “full-hookup” spot amidst the mountains.

Now, for those of you new to RVing lingo, “full-hookup” basically means you sleep in your motorhome, but you also have access to toilets, warm showers and electricity.

Yes, doesn’t sound very much like camping, right?

But since this was our first night doing it, we had aimed for the transition to not be so abrupt. We could adapt to more “wild-camping” situations later.

However, and as we would learn in the next few months of our trip, things don’t always go as planned. As we slowly made our way to the gate, we spotted the “No Vacancy” wooden sign.

“You can use the alternative campsite a couple of miles from here”, said the nice lady at the entrance.

And there we went. Only this campsite was nothing like our preferred one.

Electricity was nowhere to be found, showers were non-existent and a pit toilet was the only thing to call “bathroom” in the area. It wasn’t like we “needed” those things. We had bought an RV so as not to depend on full-hookup campsites.

But we had no idea how anything worked in there. How did we empty the tanks? How did we turn on the water heater for the shower?

Night came and it started to get chilly up in the mountains: how did we turn on the heating? Would we run out of battery? Needless to say, not much resting was had that night.

It was a night of new lessons. Lessons on life on the road. On dealing with the unexpected. On adapting to new circumstances.

We woke up the next morning, exhausted from the day before, and wondering: had we made the right decision? Maybe we weren’t cut out for this? Should we sell the motorhome and forget about this outlandish idea?

But as Jorge juggled with tank hoses and tried to figure out the lovely task RV dumping, I peeked through the dense trees that surrounded us.

It was early morning, and the first rays of sunshine were emerging from behind the mountains.

And right there, in front of me, I suddenly saw it: this gorgeous and vast field of white dandelions.

I called Jorge, and both of us just stood there in awe. The soft light and the morning mist created a surreal atmosphere, the clean mountain air filled our lungs.

It would take us months to adapt to life on our RV. Hey, we are still learning new things every single day.

But that morning, in that dandelion field, we knew we had made the right decision. Our idea didn’t feel that outlandish anymore.

And even if it did, we knew we had what it took to deal with it.

The Canadian Rockies mountain range spans the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

With jagged, ice-capped peaks, including towering Mt. Robson, it’s a region of alpine lakes, diverse wildlife, dandelion fields and outdoor recreation sites.

Yoho National Park is home to the massive Takakkaw Falls. Other national parks are Jasper, with the famously accessible Athabasca Glacier, and Banff, site of glacier-fed Lake Louise.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair 214

  1. Tom

    Oh, what a good place for an RV adventure. You get to enjoy the beauty of Canadian Rockies.

  2. Josephine

    Sometimes the less pleasant things can bring you amazing experiences. The dandelion field brought a smile other nice things followed. It’s good you had fun. I enjoy reading your blog though. You shared authentic experiences. Thank you.

    • That is very true, I find that life is better and happier if you can pay attention to small things :)
      Marysia recently posted…Friday Lens Affair 215My Profile

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