Deauville Weekend Escape

Deauville, France

Deauville known as the Lady of the French Coast. A glamorous seaside resort. Dreamed as ‘a kingdom of elegance’ near Paris. By Auguste de Morny and Doctor Olliffe. Sponsored by Donon and designed by Breney. It came out of the sand between 1860 and 1864 with its first villas, a hippodrome and the train link to Paris.


It was a symbol of elegance. Prestige and sophistication in the ‘Belle Epoque’. Throughout the ‘Golden Twenties’ and for decades to come. Chanel had one of her first boutiques here. Same as her eternal competitor, Paul Poiret.

The lovely town has half timbered houses. Ornamented buildings. Turn-of-the-century villas. Exquisite boutiques. Crowded cafes and organic markets. It slightly reminds me of District 16th in Paris.

Classy and dazzling even, or especially, on the weekend mornings. When all cafes are overcrowded with fashionably dressed people sipping coffee and eating croissants with marmalade.


On the other side of the River Touques from Deauville stands its less formal twin city Trouville. It is a picturesque port on the ‘Cote Fleurie’ with a harbor filled with architectural gems.

Always buzzing with many restaurants. Terraces and grills where you can feast on the fresh seafood.

It is a town where every day life is still lined with the sea by an outstanding fish market along the bank.

With outstanding villas, churches and Hotel de Ville. I will always associate this delightful town with relaxation, evening liveliness and fine food.

Both of the cities hold casinos which are extremely popular with both. The locals and tourists. We paid a visit to Deauville Casino one evening. But it was highly disappointing as usual. I had the same feeling like in Las Vegas! I always expect more razzle dazzle and prestigious sophistication. Oh, well! I guess Monte Carlo is the only suitable place for me to gamble.

Despite not having the best weather. Deauville was an ideal setting for my ‘far from the hustle and bustle’ weekend. My walks along the Promenade and the beaches with colourful sun umbrellas been accompanied by the never-going-out-of-my-head theme music from ‘Un homme et une femme’ movie be Claude Lelouch.

Comme nos voix ba da ba da da da da da da….Chantent tout bas ba da ba da da da da da da…..Nos cœurs y voient ba da ba da da da da da da….


22 thoughts on “Deauville Weekend Escape

  1. Tam

    This brings back memories. We visited Deauville last year on a trip to Normandy whilst staying nearby at Houlgate. :)

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  3. Michelle

    Mmm! The shrimp and mussels look so good! That is my kind of dinner!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Mine too…ha ha ha

  4. Michelle

    What a bunch of architectural gems! Such cute houses! Looks like a great place for a little visit!

    • My Travel Affairs

      It is indeed, I had a great weekend there :)

  5. Zotwot

    This looks like a great place for a road trip!

  6. Karen

    Beautiful architecture, fresh seafood, restauarants, the option of gambling, sounds like a perfect relaxing vacation spot.

    • My Travel Affairs

      It is a great place for a weekend away from Paris indeed Karen :)

  7. Ric

    These places are awesome. Perfect places for a weekend walk. Look so peaceful…Ahh, love also those building structures,

    • My Travel Affairs

      It is a typical weekend place, those buildings are very characteristic for this region!

  8. Wayne Stephens

    Wow it looks wonderful, almost twisted and desolate as if from a fairy tale, at least to me but I could be seeing more than just what the pictures show.
    Definitively just made it on to my lists of places to see before I die. Great post.

    • My Travel Affairs

      The beach was pretty empty, the weather was not perfect to be frank, but all the streets and cafes were buzzing with holiday makers :)
      Thanks Wayne, it is a lovely place indeed, I had a great time there :)

  9. My Travel Affairs

    Melita thank You very much for your nice words, Im very glad You like my post :)

  10. melita

    Beautiful pics! Love your blog, its so interesting and I’m really learning a lot from your posts :)
    melita recently posted…I’m back!My Profile

  11. Eva Hamori

    I can not wait to explore the Northern areas of France with our kids. We have a few weeks this year to take the kids in the Westfalia Camper and want to go along the coast.
    Thanks for sharing, I would have never have known about the Lady of the French Coast.
    Happy and Safe travels,
    Eva :)

    • My Travel Affairs

      Oh Eva, You will have an amazing time! There is a lot to see over there. I wouldn’t be back again soon neither! :)

  12. Jackie Park

    These are absolutely wonderful pictures Marysia! I have never been to France, but I hope to visit this place when I go! Thanks for the fantastic post!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Jackie Dear You have to visit France! Even though there are more exciting destinations in Africa and Asia, France is a must do for everyone!

  13. Murissa

    I have never heard of this place before! Looks absolutely lovely. At first I thought it would have been in the netherlands but after reading I am glad it is in France as I am hoping to go next year.

    thanks for sharing!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

    • My Travel Affairs

      Oh, You should go! If You have time do not miss Mont Saint Michel. Still on my list to do, but supposed to be an amazing place!

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