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Eduardo Abaroa National Park, Bolivia

This week I’m featuring a photograph of Sol de Manana in Eduardo Abaroa National Park taken by Alejandra Werner from the Universo Viajero Blog.

Alejandra has been to more than 70 countries during her life. Loves photography and capturing moments because she has a terrible memory and this helps her save them forever. :) Do follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Story: Eduardo Abaroa National Park

In April 2018, I made a trip with Bolivia with my parents. Our main destination was the Uyuni Salt Flats, but we were really amazed at everything else we got to see in the surroundings.

When crossing from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, you must pass through the Eduardo Abaroa National Park.

Here you can find an endless desert with spectacular rock formations and these geysers.

They are called “Sol de Mañana” which in English means “The morning sun” and were named because most of the tours visited this place in the early morning to catch the first lights and see better the steam that the earth spell.

When we get there, it was afternoon, so we got them for us alone. We were a bit dizzy because of the altitude (more than 5.000 meters above the sea level!), so our guide recommended us to take it easy.

But… would you do that when you have this show in front of your eyes?

We couldn’t! It’s like the earth breathes through here; hot water emanates and the steams makes it all a beautiful scene.

I immediately took my drone out, because in Bolivia is still legal to flight it everywhere and start filming it.

The difference from other geysers we have been (like the Tatio in Chile) is that here there are no rules and you can walk around them and get as close as you want.

We walked with caution between the small paths that are formed through different boiling water springs until we reach the centre of the place.

Here we were immersed in the steam and in this scene that only nature can give you.

This photograph is the reflection of one of the best and most intense travel days I have made with my parents, where for 3 days we felt like children playing in the desert, in the salt, on the rocks and everywhere.

Bolivia is a surprising place where there are still not enough rules that restrict the passage to its attractions, so you can enjoy freely and without an established path.

You connect with nature in a different way, which really made us enjoy this destination much more.

The Eduardo Abaroa National Park (Reserva Nacional de Fauna Andina Eduardo Abaroa; Spanish acronym: REA) is located in Sur Lípez Province.

Situated in the far southwestern region of Bolivia, it is the country’s most visited protected area. It is considered the most important protected area in terms of tourist influx in the Potosí Department.

Sol de Mañana (Spanish: Morning Sun) is a geothermal area in Sur Lípez Province in the Potosi Department of south-western Bolivia.

This area is characterized by intense volcanic activity and the sulphur springs field is full of mud lakes and steam pools with boiling mud.

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