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Forrest Gump Road, Utah, USA

Today I’m hosting a picture of the ‘Forrest Gump Road’ taken by Vicki Garside from MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld Blog.

Vicki is an ‘experience-hunter’ on a mission to try everything this world has to offer.

After 4 years of travelling, she swapped her backpack for an office cubicle and continues to travel part-time.

Always in search of adventures she is constantly trying to keep her country count above her age! Follow this lovely woman on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Story: Forrest Gump Road

I spent 2 days exploring Monument Valley, and an amazing – but cold(!) – night sleeping under the stars in the Navajo campsite. I took this shot as we exited the reserve.

You may also recognise it from the movie Forrest Gump, as the point where Forrest stopped running. Officially known as Mile Marker 13 on Highway 163.

The road is more commonly known as the Forrest Gump Road. It is one of the most impressive vistas in the whole of the United States.

I was travelling on a Trek America organised group tour at the time. But you can easily organize your own successful, one-week road trip around Utah, which will include Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce and Zion National Parks. 

Our tour leader stopped the van soon after leaving Navajo County on a long, empty road. No doubt – we wondered what on earth he was thinking.

Until we got out of the van. Looking back at this picture perfect scene, we stood in awe for a few seconds before everyone grabbed their camera and started to look for the perfect spot on the road.

At the perfect height to get the road central to the shot with the sandstone rocky outcrops providing the perfect backdrop.

Then the fun came. We played on the road for about an hour! We were trying to get a unique shot and we jumped alone, we jumped as a group and I’m sure there are over 100 shots of myself and fellow passengers trying – and failing miserably – at getting the perfect jump shot!

My best shot (apart from this one) actually came from forgetting about jumping all together and just sitting cross-legged on the road! But without a doubt, this was a shot of the day.

The colour, the hue, the absolutely stunning natural rock formations – I couldn’t have asked for a better photographic subject – and it’s a view I will never forget!

Mile Marker 13 on US Highway 163 in southern Utah’s Monument Valley (Forrest Gum Raod) is the place where Forrest Gump ended his cross-country run.

It’s the site of one of the most iconic photos of the American West. It’s between the Grand Canyon and Moab (Arches National Park).

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6 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affairs 175

  1. Fajna opowieść, no i świetne zdjęcie z “gatunku” klasycznych :-)
    Photo(Geo)grapher recently posted…Modlin Fortress – the largest fortification complex in EuropeMy Profile

  2. Ben

    gorgeous, and so serene looking

  3. Alan Bates

    What a beautiful shot. We lived for five years in south-central Utah when I was a kid and I came to love the wide open vistas. Utah is such a state with contrasts. High mountains, and deserts.

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