Friday Lens Affair #10


The Lazy Beggars, Lisbone

This week’s photograph is not a typical picture I would host in my series. I really liked this photo from the first sight because there is something about those two. There is a great story behind this snapshot that I want to share it with you all. The Lazy Beggars picture was taken by Monika Jall from Iter Sensus Blog in Lisbon.

Why I wanted to feature this particular photograph on my series? Maybe because it touches something I often do. You know all those campaigns about not giving money to beggars. And I do agree with this attitude. I never give to people, especially kids begging for money. I think this encourage even more kids to do so. Instead of solving the real problem your genuine euros or dollars make this proceeder grow even bigger every year. There are many solutions, I always propose to buy food/meal to those who ask for money. And donate to local foundations and help organziations.

But I must admit there are situations when I do give money to beggars, and it is exactly in the situations of such people! I’m not sure what gets me to do so. Maybe the honesty behind openly saying: Hey look, I’m a bum and I do not want help from NGO’s or charities. I simply want to get a drink and enjoy my day! What do you think?

Picture Story: Lazy Beggars, Lisbon

I am sure everybody has seen people on the street begged money. Pictured here they are also beggars. Very unusual beggars. Lyndon and Jose, they do not expect your sympathy or compassion, actually they make you laugh!

Two Guys seem cheerful, ask you for money for: (attention!) spliff, beers, hangover ( a light version when you with kids ha ha ha) … ”at least we are honest”!  Indeed they are! They even have got their own website! Check it out The Lazy Beggars.


4 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #10

  1. Haha, they’ve raised begging to new heights!! Or maybe laws …

    • I actually always give money to people on the streets who are honest about what they are collecting money for. Students with a guitar looking for some change for another beer, hippies needing to smoke some weed etc etc
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  2. Monika

    Great post,( maybe cause I have written it) xD Thank you for sharing it, and thanx for an invitation, it was pleasure.

    • My Travel Affairs

      You are welcome Dear x

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