Friday Lens Affair #11


Santa Catalina Monastery in Arequipa, Peru.

This week I’m hosting an amazing photograph by Naomi Alyssa from Anywhere But Home Blog. Taken while she was discovering Santa Catalina Monastery in Peru. I have chosen this photograph due to its overwhelming and charming shade of red.

I have mentioned previously that I’m drawn into ‘one-colour’ pictures! Of photos with one colour dominating and expressing the beauty! It is indeed thanks to my slight OCD. I live with it and really fight it quiet successfully but when it comes to photography it would be really of me to do so, it is really harmful and help me to discover such pearls!

Therefore I give myself permission to indulge in my OCD in such cases :)

I have already hosted blue La Boca man from Buenos Aires in Argentina, and yellow cigar lady from Havana in Cuba and today time has come for my favourite colour red!

Please follow Naomi (an occasional expat and permanent nomad) and her crazy adventures on Twitter and Facebook.

Picture Story: Santa Catalina Monastery, Arequipa

A friend and I were completely exhausted on our last day in Arequipa, so when we went to visit the Santa Catalina Monastery in the middle of the city. We found a very welcome surprise there. The walls of the monastery locked out the noise and the chaos of the city, making it completely quiet inside.

We spent a few long hours just meandering through the streets of the monastery. All named after cities in Spain. Whenever I see this photo, it reminds me of how deserted and calm Santa Catalina was. And how relieved we were to come across it after experiencing the occasional insanity of Peru.


6 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #11

  1. Monika

    Great shot!

  2. Catherine

    That picture is truly stunning. It reminds me of a ‘time gone by’, something so surreal and still about it. You can just feel how behind those doors would await another world….absolutely beautiful. It’s amazing how a picture can capture so many words – this was a great pick!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Well said Catherine!

  3. So colorful and beautiful!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Indeed Paloma! The colour is the key in this picture!

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