Friday Lens Affair #13


Water Tower, Sonoran Desert. Arizona, US.

This week I’m hosting superb photograph of water tower called ‘Angel Skies’ by Jacqueline Stone from On The Journey Blog. There is something about this water tower what caught my eye while I was browsing through different blogs. Please follow Jacqueline on Twitter.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Unfortunately sometime in January 2014 I have got a broken link alert. I have been informed by WordPress plugin that Jacqueline’s blog url was not working. I went to her blog, but the Blogger told me it has been removed. I tried contacting Jacqueline via email we have been previously in touch but no luck here either, no replay. If you know Jacqueline or you are aware of her moving to another url, please let me know. I would love to get in touch worth her and most importantly update her info here.

Picture Story: Water Tower, Arizona

The water tower is very old, dating back more than 60 years. We live in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona so water is precious here.

The tower for me represents the rugged people who brought life to the desert. And did so without modern technology or air conditioning. I relate to them because it is still a rugged way of life, even with modern conveniences. Beyond the tower is an open desert. A place I walk often to disconnect from my busy life and reconnect with nature.

Insights often come to me when I’m out there and I feel the presence of life itself. This sunset was not dramatic but something in the clouds caught my attention.They looked like angel wings. When I noticed this I let my heart delight in the idea that angels were reminding me that they are always near.


24 thoughts on “Friday Lens Affair #13

  1. Indranie Oree

    I’ve entered your contest for a trip to Sri Lanka. The photo that draws me is Friday Lens Affair #13 “superb photograph of water tower called ‘Angel Skies’ by Jacqueline Stone from On The Journey Blog”. On first glance I could see an Angel, yet when I clicked to read more and saw the entire photo it appears as though a battle was about to ensue – there seem to be a shark-like creature above with an eye about to attack…and another being(perhaps Angel) gathering its energies to engage in defense. :-) The more I look the more I saw faces! The water tank stood as a silent witness to the battle that was about to take place. hehehe :-) I’ve got a great imagination. That is an amazing shot! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win a trip to Sri Lanka. I have been reading a lot about Sri Lanka recently.

    • Dear Indranie, this is great choice but as Jacqueline has stopped her blog a while ago and never been in touch with me, as you can noticed in the main post her pictures is not included in the ones to choose from. I know it is a great capture and image but I urge you to chose different photograph so someone have actual chance to win with you. Thanks!
      Marysia recently posted…Tongue Tied in Ten LanguagesMy Profile

  2. Ernie

    Beautiful water tower indeed, and a great idea.

  3. Jacqueline

    Ana, the water tower still holds an emergency water supply but since it hasn’t been needed for a long time I bet it would not be safe for drinking.

  4. Jacqueline

    Thank you so much for the honor of being on the Friday Lens Affair.
    The work you put into this project and support you give to other bloggers is truly inspiring!

    • My Travel Affairs

      Jacqueline thank you very much, it is always my pleasure. And always looking for participants :)

  5. Sarita

    This is an amazing photograph!

  6. Beautiful & I love that you have an accompanying story on the water tower!
    Emme Rogers recently posted…#RoamancingSF Part III – Downtown San FranciscoMy Profile

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks Emme, I know that picture can tell you the whole story but it is nice to know what the photographer though and felt.

  7. Angie Rubinson

    I love it!

  8. Murissa

    Lovely image today! The colours of the clouds remind me of the very luxurious and opulent painting style of the Rococo period.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

    • My Travel Affairs

      Thanks Murissa, already checked your new site :)

  9. Holiday Addict

    Lovely photograph. The light through clouds is stunning.

    • My Travel Affairs

      I agree :)

  10. Ana

    What a nice shot! Was the water tower still in use after 60 years?

    • My Travel Affairs

      Ana to be frank I have no idea, we shall wait for Jacqueline to answer ;)

  11. Travelmemo

    Great post and outstanding picture!

    • My Travel Affairs

      All thanks should go to Jacqueline!

  12. Ivan Aliku

    Whao!!! A water tower in a desert-like area. Wonderful. And for the age of the concept, it’s really interesting to hear that modern technology has not affected it look and that people still find its naturalness welcoming. Nature truly has wonderful things around us.

    • My Travel Affairs

      Yes, there is something eye catching about this water tower indeed!

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