Friday Lens Affair #18


Royal Jordanian Desert Police Officer, Petra

This week I’m hosting an amazing picture of Royal Jordanian Desert Police officer taken by Ash Clark.

I myself travelled in Jordan last year and fell in love with this beautiful country. Happy to see more people get to discover it. Ash in a man behind The Most Alive where you can admire his adventures.

And Berlin or Bust where he writes about his expat life in Berlin- one of my favourite cities in Europe. Check them both out.

Picture Story: Royal Jordanian Desert Police Officer, Petra

By time I got to Jordan, I had already been travelling in the Middle East for over two months.

Despite all the incredible sights I had seen in Jordan’neighboursrs such as Syria and Lebanon, there was still one particular place that was so high on my to-do list I would almost go as far as saying it did the sole reason for my wanting to go to the country in the first place.

Here is a breathtaking 10-day Jordan itinerary including Petra!

The place I am speaking of is none other than Petra. I arrived to my hostel in Wadi Musa (the local town outside of Petra) in the evening, so I had to wait until the next day before I could make my way to the area that houses the remains of the ancient Nabataean City.

Finally, the day arrived and I got myself to the site first thing in the morning, so that I could beat the crowds of tourists and get some good photos in while the area was still relatively ‘empty’.

Walking to the famous ‘Treasury’ building, I had a lot of anticipation building as I zigzagged my way through the canyon that leads from the site’s entrance.

I finally made it around one last turn and found myself at the foot of this famous landmark. It really is a place that you have to see for yourself because, without sounding so cliché, photos just can’t do its grandeur any justice.

This photo was taken at the entrance of the ‘Treasury’ building. It’s of an officer of the Royal Jordanian Desert Police in his ceremonial outfit. This is an active police unit who perform law enforcement in Jordan’s vast regional areas.

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  1. slavanoor

    Beautiful portrait captured . Love the expreasion on his face and the photo ambience is stunning

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